To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


ROFL! should turn that into a track!
but have the dog answer back "im a dog man…it’s what i do"woof


Next stage complete. Taking a hiatus for a few weeks because I’m gonna visit Moab again and don’t want to be dealing with fresh tattoo stuff while out in the desert.


My wife grabbed this from an old-book free-grab for me, and I am thoroughly delighted!

I love old books on topics that I’m into because I always learn something new because there’s always a perspective change over generations, so old ideas sometimes come off like new ones.
Additionally, it’s always interesting to see older generations discuss some of the same topics.
For instance, this book covers the I-IV-V chord commonality in music, and even notes that they are a common trio in popular music.
Popular music…circa 1951, that is. :wink:
Some things never change! lol

Further, old books on topics that I like is like getting a bit of a history lesson in the topic, so this book is like that.
It’s from 1951, so it’s really baked in a lot of old ways of discussing things and there’s a charm of these kinds of old books. Firstly, they’re heavy! Secondly, they really don’t pull any punches. If you can’t understand what they mean, then that’s your fault for not being up to par enough for the text.
The text even states that in the beginning chapter; that it assumes the reader has a level of education required and if not, suggests getting that education before reading or piss off. lol

This book came with three additional surprises!
First up…
This pristinely stamped on the inside of the front and back cover.

New York!
I live in Alaska!
This book made it from New York sometime around 60 years ago.

How can I be sure about the age? Well, the printing of the book, for one thing.
And that stamp…well. That’s not a recent style of stamp.
It’s about the 1960’s style of stamping, and what leads me to that selection is that in the 60’s, you see a unique stamping method of putting the district into the address.
You don’t see this all that much in the 50’s - for instance letters aren’t stamped this way.
And in the 80’s and now, we don’t see this either.
But you do see it in the 60’s

Before this, you would see just New York, NY.
After this, you would see more of New York, NY, and a zip code.

For some reason, it seems in the 60’s noting the district was a method for isolating the region.

So, at least somewhere around 55 to 60 years ago, this book was in New York.
And it made it all the way up to Alaska.

And NOT only did it make it here.
The second amazing thing is…
It made it here in almost mint condition!
The gloss is still on most of the pages! 1951 gloss! 0.0

I’ve collected a few old books over the years; never have I ran into this quality of condition.

Look at this!


Every page is THAT clean, and just LOOK at those edges!?
That is INSANE. No book over a decade or more ends up THAT sharp! Even if it’s never used, air takes a toll and the paper starts to degrade.

I don’t know what they did to this paper (and I don’t think I want to know…given the publishing year), but holy crap did it hold up to the test of time like nothing I’ve seen!

Then there’s the third surprise.
It’s back to that stamp.

But this time, we’re looking at the address.

57th street is QUITE the lively place!
For one thing, Carnegie Hall takes up a portion of that street.
It’s literally right down the street…like a few doors down!

And this street has a rather good run of the arts.

Aaaand, check this out!

Read more if you want. I saved the pdf to my drop box!

So whoever this Jack Ward was, they were someone definitely steeped in the arts community sometime likely around the 1960’s.

So this was just a blast of a surprise book.
I love my wife!!

I think I found the original owner.

According to the inset of this issue, the Jack Ward is on the far left.

Here he is playing.

Why do I think this Jack Ward is the same Jack Ward?
Because his job is less than 10 minutes walking distance from the address in the book.

That address on 57th is right up in line with this kind of individual, and he had been at Radio Music Hall since 1935.

And according to this obituary, he died in 1973.

Now, the thing with the 130 West address doesn’t line up with the obituary.
And doing a bit of research, it appears that a lot of 130 57th studios were filled with a variety of businesses or studios. Painters and musicians had studios there.

It might be possible that if this is the same Jack Ward to own this book, that he had a work studio here.
Which wouldn’t be all that uncommon for the era; to have somewhere to work nearby where you work instead of having to go back home.

More research to do! Fun!



It’s not a long time, but being sober for a month feels pretty incredible. I’m hoping future-me allows this to continue.

The only thing that sucks is that shitposting isn’t fun anymore, but maybe that’s also a good thing


what a garbage ass ho


you’re a dork.

thanks for this. it made my day :slight_smile:


yeah it takes some getting used to.i been sober over a year now!
feels good.


Sitting here reflecting on one of the shittest years I’ve had. Put on the latest track I’m working on and can’t help grinning. Oh yeh, this is why I do this ridiculous shit :smiley:


my year was way more badder so think how lucky you be mate!
yours was gooder!


Just bought myself a bag of freshly caught flounders from the local fisher:)


There was a guy here when i returned from a walkabout.
i knew the work guy’s were gonna be there but i couldn’t resist a little fun.
so my outside door is wide open,and the upstairs door is open.(2nd floor apt.
i stomps my way up and loudly exclaim;what the fuck is all this?
the guy drops a part which flies right at me,and i say throwing things at me does not help your current predicament at all my friend.doom is inevitable.he looked at me for a second,then busted out laughing.
so yeah good times.oh and as it turns out he is a guitarist and fellow sonar enthusiast,and before he left offerd me an old m-audio 49 key !don’t know what model but,that will fill the hole,until i can get that novation i still want! how cool is that?


my black metal band’s 3rd album (after 5 years) is finally in mastering. The mixdown/automation took months. for only two memebers down from 5… this is by far our strongest release yet.

This is some true sick 2nd wave black metal gayness I can get behind. drum noises


Small thing made me really happy, meeting the wife on lunch break as she was in the area.


My Ryzen 7 2700x died on me, so I’m sending it back for a full refund since it’s still under warranty. I already upgraded to a 3700x though and holy bujeebus, this thing can take a lot. Sad part is that my original processor died during the middle of reinstalling Windows without deleting personal files, so it corrupted my version of Windows and I had to do a full reinstall and lose everything that was on that hard drive. Luckily I have a fairly recent backup, but I just lost like 5 decent starts to really cool songs and an assload of presets :\

Oh well, just gonna have to spend like a whole day setting things up and making presets and try to recreate those tracks.


i have done that …more than i like…but this last time was good as this little shit box has never run better!
i will be doing this again when i finish my new build next year but…yeah its not always a bad thing re-installing.
but yeah those lost few days…


Sorry to read of your woes, Stray. I hate rebuilds. Its just lost time to me.




and this
are currently on their way to my doorstep,and due to arrive tomorrow.


Man I hope you have a great time with those :slight_smile:

If they disappear in the night it wasn’t me, I have an airtight alibi.

Unrelated, anyone know how much it costs for an airtight alibi these days?


Man that is why i love you!
…got a date saturday? i can be a girl sorta