To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Fuck yeah!


Not sure Rick should be the next James Bond but I nominate for next Felix Leiter. I think he’d kick.


PM me.


ypur just upset because my new co host has a remarkable resemblance to yourself and by totally unrelated coincidence sounds almost but not quite unlike yourself.
stop being such a diva.


I’ve known this for years but chuckled as I revisted:


I keep sending Otto weird shit on Instagram but he always responds and seems like a nice guy lol


Organized something for my dad’s 70th birthday and he seemed genuinely happy about it. He is someone people jokingly called ‘the Vulcan’ when I was a kid both because he is a rocket scientist and emotionally Vulcan like. He has always been a wonderfully supportive dad, especially considering his super straight laced self managed to have three delinquent, rock and roll partying, progeny. But he rarely if ever expressed emotions positive or negative. Once saw the guy fall on a slippery log while backpacking, soundlessly get up, state that he may have broken something and calmly suggested moving some heavy items into one of our packs. Find out he has 3 broken ribs.


Could possibly have a new job. Been jobless for going on three weeks now, I quit the box-building place with 350 employees where I didn’t matter, was easily replaceable and it was one of the most miserable jobs ever by the end. Plus ya know, we were doing stuff that would probably raise some environmental eyebrows, what with 95 percent of our manufacturing products being large control panels for shitty oil corporations like Halliburton and Weatherford. Stuff for fracking and off shore oil drilling, which I was never really comfortable with.

This new job is at a small place with no more than 5-10 people and the work they do is repair of vintage hi-fi stereos, record players and older stereo gear, which for me is cool af. I’d rather be doing a service for joe schmoe down the street than big wig corporate assholes ruining our fair planet. I’m going up there on Wednesday to test mah solder and repair skills and see if it’ll be a good fit.




so i got my motu,minilogue,and ableton working together nicely so far.
but only on phones.
i have been going through my motu manual thouroghly.
and it is setup right.the issue i think is my new cheap monitors do not have xlr connectors for the main outs.only 1/4 inch and rca to headphone out laptop…
oddly without the rca and motu analog 1-2 i can hear my laptop through my and such.
but i cannot hear ableton through the monitors.but i can clearly see everything working fine.
just no im still pretty happy,just got some more figuring to do.


Audio configuration in Live should have you set if they work for everything else. If all else fails in Live, ASIO4ALL offers some additional settings that should get it sorted and sometimes irons out random problems when nothing else works!

I’m assuming you’re using Windows for some reason. If you’re on Mac, disregard all of this


Sadly yes i am on winblows!
and of course it is indeed the issue!


I’ve been on a roll at work lately. Have been making $100+ more than my coworkers in tips pretty regularly or at least double what they make, even people that have been here for over a year and I just started two months ago. I’m also the only person who isn’t a manager that’s been getting overtime, probably cause my boss realizes I bust ass constantly, but yeah, gotta take more time off to focus on music and art, as much as it feels good to make decent money.

This job has also made me come out of my shell quite a bit socially, even though I isolate while not at work, I feel more confident than I have been in a very long time, and like my social anxiety is finally manageable.


So i decided to give my new girlfriend/boyfriend fleshlight a name today.
yep…Wayne! those of you who have been around a bit will get that!
for those of you who don’t…well …
so i lost my password and at the time the then and probably still be all end all of idmf is well thats classified but he sent me a new password which was i love wayne…so yeah just returning the favor.
which i might add will be making a cameo on this week on idmf.
oh and yes Rixtr is bisexual.i never could make up my mind!


It’s finally “cold” here - 60ºF. Brrrrrrrr


go fuck yourself! 28 f here (grumbles)


My son is a big fan of this song by Lupe Fiasco called “I don’t feel so good”, smiling, laughing and screaming all the way through the chorus every time lol:

Illustrating again, the interpretation of music really is in the ear of the beholder :wink:


I visited Moab again after living there last year (see the pic thread for a visual) and my car broke down, so I got four extra days of vacation. Fuck yeah!

Went there with a lady friend, and we FINALLY made a sweet, sweet love connection that has been a very long time coming (no pun intended).

Best vacation ever. Not even bummed that I’m back in Illinois. :metal:


Suuuure no pun intended…yeah no i wont go there…congrats!


Finally got the new job at a cookie factory . It´s awesome! I have to learn all kinds of complicated stuff to keep machines running, but it´s hella fun :smiley: :smiley: