To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Outer Worlds installing, Phoenix Point unlocks at 7pm today :slight_smile:


Since when do games release on Tuesday? I just noticed that with the Master Chief collection, even though I just had to get a shitload of appliances fixed and can’t afford anything right now.

eats can of sardines, but also enjoys it


Games have always been released on Tuesday, and otherwise Thursdays sometimes. Not always the case, but it’s a huge date.


i think ive finally reached my musical goals and am finally able to effectively make the music thats in my head and know to emulate other’s style to a degree, whether or not my musical ideas would be considered as good music is a different story, but just the knowing how to make an abstract idea into actuality made me happy…

so a big thank you to @everyone on idmf for all your help over the years. cheers!

Yes bfk congratulations on finding your "musical voice".  It is not an easy matter to find the sound that expresses the inner self, the abstract idea that is seeking an outlet.  I hope it is the beginning of musical revelations.


You’re gonna do great things for the electronic music community. And to make a statement like that is to have developed a great deal of self motivation and discipline as well as the wisdom to identify and take in the understanding that any composition you create is not just a random song because meh or a WIP, It a symbiotic relationship that you and your various methods experience personal growth as a whole. As far back as I can remember you publishing your art, You’ve always managed to FL Studio in a style and manner that is truly your own.


Something might be changing and I might get out of the shit job I have at the moment and I currently hate…


Well, I suppose there are a thousand ways to waste time


I’ve been using my minilogue a lot in live settings recently, so I’m also looking into it more closely. I just discovered they updated the firmware this June, and in the update is a few microtuning settings developed by AFX the man himself, some quarter tone madness that sound ALL RIGHT. I can’t wait to use that later.


I started running every day for 2 km (1.2427424 Miles). Hope to lose weight like that.


Made stuff. Loved it. Lets see if that’s still the case tomorrow :smiley:


Yes ,Roo when you really achieved a goal and see results from your efforts it does give you a boost. It makes all the work worthwhile. I wish you more success in the future.


My family the kids. We’ve had a really tough couple of years with our eldest. But since his little sister joined the clan he’s really settled. It’s taken a lot of adaptive parenting, changes in diet and nurture. But he has finally matured and is a great older brother to the cutest daughter I have x
They make it all worth while…


Well done and well said @bfk I’m not there yet but I’m making progress and @everyone on IDMf has helped me in ways I could not have anticipated.

I’ve been a solid songwriter for many years . I have a handle on theory and some experience in analog studio recording, experimental and electronic music from back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

The new adventure for me (and key to eventually getting to where you have arrived) has been learning digital recording, mixing and composing with all of those tools. It’s a big confusing, technical overwhelming world… but IDMf keeps me grounded and moving forward.

Thank you @everyone ! :hugs:


The battery replacement job of the Korg M3R taking less than 5 minutes and only requiring a phillips head screwdriver as the only tool. I’ve considered changing out the battery on the DX27 but I will need a soldering kit and a hazmat suit I believe.


Good for you jvs. I am wondering if changing the battery in the TX81Z will also be an easy task or whether I will have to invest in a temperature controlled soldering station. The repair on the Casio HT3000 awaits me .


Interesting enough, Most older 80’s/early 90s rack synths all use the same 2032 type battery for their internal memory banks. The TX81Z battery replacement itself should be easy enough, Sometimes its the jungle of wires, capacitors, resisters and other internal stuff that makes getting to the prize the most daunting task. You should have no problem with the TX81Z as is the case with all of the modules I own, The layout of the boards are fairly simple because you’re not having to deal with 100 different contact point for knobs, buttons or the keyboard itself. And the bells and whistles that do make up the module are all on the inside of the front panel. The batteries (mercifully enough) tend to be on the rear in and around the power supply itself. You should totally pop the top and follow a diagram if for no other reason, the sake of curiosity.


Got wireless headphones with a blue tooth reciever…thought I needed bluetooth for wireless headphones for my laptop…I got confused…also found something funny you can link a computer to a smartphone via bluetooth haven’t tried it…being that I’m using my phone as a mobile hotspot…idk what to make of that…lol


Happy NY duders. Looking forward to what happens with IDMf in 2020 :slight_smile:


I am still alive , I am not a resident of Bateman’s Bay, and the temperature is down to 24 degrees C.