To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Outer Worlds installing, Phoenix Point unlocks at 7pm today :slight_smile:


Since when do games release on Tuesday? I just noticed that with the Master Chief collection, even though I just had to get a shitload of appliances fixed and can’t afford anything right now.

eats can of sardines, but also enjoys it


Games have always been released on Tuesday, and otherwise Thursdays sometimes. Not always the case, but it’s a huge date.


i think ive finally reached my musical goals and am finally able to effectively make the music thats in my head and know to emulate other’s style to a degree, whether or not my musical ideas would be considered as good music is a different story, but just the knowing how to make an abstract idea into actuality made me happy…

so a big thank you to @everyone on idmf for all your help over the years. cheers!

Yes bfk congratulations on finding your "musical voice".  It is not an easy matter to find the sound that expresses the inner self, the abstract idea that is seeking an outlet.  I hope it is the beginning of musical revelations.