To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Tar + Alchemists Fire


I used to have a copy of this like 12 years ago, finally tracked down a copy on eBay and got it again! Fuck, so much good stuff. Old Warp rules hard.

Plays Gantz Graf on repeat for all of 2020


Listened to stuff that Auto shared with me that allowed me to inept all over the top of it.


I finally have my studio space back. It feels so nice to spread out again


Headphones so that I dont have to listen to garbage…which means that I’m no longer in the middle of other people bs… and I’m not the focal point because I dont know nothing that isnt really important to know, so I cant be used to satisfy someone elses need for drama.



Gotta look for a new job in a few weeks though so that’ll suck.


I quit my day job one and half year ago to try a new venture.
I failed and had to go back into employment but still a great decision.
I’m also at the last week of my current job, then a week off before I start a role in a company I really like.
So hurray for quitting jobs!


Mick Karn playing fretless bass.


so despite all the mindfuck life stuff.i have set aside the aggravation,and started just delving into live,
and making music again.lost my tracks but a fresh start sometimes is good!
so…yeah! can’t wait to get my korg back though.


new album for a label - completed, submitted and accepted. Did everything, mastering included.
Now I’m reworking older ambient stuff, giving some fresh paint to it all because it needs to be done. Feeling hyped. 2020 has a really productive start.


Barely looked up from my DAW today. Much fun.


I can vouch for this.


My ladyfriend has been cheating on me with the guy who is working on my tattoo. Caught them making out at a bar (classy!) :stuck_out_tongue: No worries, it’s just kind of awkward now. Told him I wanted to finish it, minus touchups, on the next session. I can’t even be bothered to feel upset, got more important things to do.

Decided to really start hitting the music scene around here after that. Got a musician’s-only karaoke party at my place planned for Saturday.

My closest friend just went through a breakup, and my response was “Good, start hanging out with me again.” I had a private dance party with her the other day. :metal:

The guy was dating her and felt nothing when she sang. His wires are fucking crossed. :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s on vocals on this, plus two other musicians doing some horns and brass. The rest is me. Gotta get back into the swing of things and get this project done. The mix is still rough, but this is really starting to come together.


My dick literally just shriveled up and went inside itself while reading this and you’re not even bothered?

Zen level: 10


She’s his problem now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rule of thumb, they do it to one, they do it to the next one too.

Hmm I sense lyrics for next song forming.


No…please no!..just…no.


Picked back up my Unity game dev project from 2015, and somehow got it all functioning and converted to the new Unity build.

Now I’m contemplating restructuring the project charter and taking it all in a new direction for Android/iOS.

I snagged a handful of helpful Unity and C# courses for like $60 (saved $500+) from Udemy to burn through, so 2020 should be super fruitful for my personal growth and education. :slight_smile:


Bought the James Bond Collection a wee while back.

Tonight, unboxed. Time for Ian Fleming’s Dr. No. Oh yes.

EDIT: :rofl: A time when SFX were credited with ONE person


Got these bad boys in the mail today! Been wanting MOT on vinyl for quite a while.

Sexy translucent blue/orange records too. Time to torment the neighbors. :smiling_imp: