To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Picked up my monologue xd module from pawn today.
Whew. I do not need a computer to use it,as I have my motu and monitors.
Can’t record BUT I can play and learn! So until I get another computer,using my korg,and my motu as an ad hoc guitar amp just add phantom power and increase mic out put instant overdrive!
Not ideal but sounds surprisingly decent.
Meltdown averted.


Made some breakcore sent the track to a label so fingers crossed…and also being able to almost emulate my fav artists at will…

I just got an idea my peak controller trick applied to the oscillator parameters of toxic biohazard…such as FM mod and frqshft…

edit i now has a basic tracker now to learn it…


Dunno if appropriate. Feels… odd, maybe bit self-agrandising. Not comfy.

Listened to some of my vocals from 3+ years ago. Compared to now. Not convinced they were same person. Much stronger. Not saying great, haha hell no. Just, eep. In fairness I do know the song where it all changed. I’d just not paid attention to the journey. But it made me happy to see progression.


1 What I did today with Serum’s resampling abilities

2 I stopped video games years ago, until a friend showed me Hell Let Loose, first game today, it was an absolute blast


As long as you make more music, I’m good. Also, @bfk that’s awesome my dude. I think we all share in that feeling, when you push at something, and even reflect your inspirations in the slightest, towards or own goals or sound, it’s worth. Never stop keeping yourself in your own stuffs. Individual-ism.


Yeah… get this project done! It’s sounds so great… so promising.


Thanks! Changed it up again and am adding one more musician to it. I’ll at least release this one song before too long.


Upgrade 2 fl 20 and harmor…moar sound fuckery


niceee, FL20 is awesome man. IL slayed


Also is pretty badass

Thanks for sharing that info


Mmmmm steak


I performed live for the first time in six years tonight. Played at a place that is used to high voices and jazz musicians. I played the guitar like a caveman and went full baritone and bass, then wailed a bunch of stuff. It did not go over well, but it was interesting. I’ll stick to karaoke and making music on my computer for the time being. :stuck_out_tongue:


idk if I’m just dumb or what but I haven’t been able to get my arduinome to function as a monome very well, so I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and buy a used monome finally.


You go!


i got a cheap action-style camera from Amazon today. Like 50.+ with tax and a MicroSD card. Hoping it will take the place of my phone and old Sony Cam that was waterproof but ended up taking alot of water on…Basically a poor design. But whatever.

Anyway, glad to try this thing out randomly for a bit for 4k footage and especially on my next trip in April. This time back up to Portland, Cannon Beach and Seattle(well same area but hoping to get different shots/stuffs).


“On the house for an Angry Angel.”


Got a major break in life.been working with some people who have helped me to stop the neverending train of fees overbilling,and questionable nonsense since moving in here.
Literally everything is paid next month I can actually put around 600.00 in my savings!
Bout damn time.yaaaaaay.


Glad to hear it matey :slight_smile:


Good job.


So good to hear! Cheers :beers: