To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


I got out of jury duty. Take that, gubbermint


Had an awesome night. Finished a new track and improved my sound alot :smiley: mega proud


I went ahead and got the fl studio mobile app a couple weeks ago.
It is a bit fiddly, and limited.but after spending some time with it,
I have managed a couple good tracks with it.well track ideas.
Now to figure how to upload them…anyway when I do get another computer,
I will be able to transfer is good to be creating again.was going out of my mind.


i picked up a nice custom desktop on craigslist today.good box for 300.00.
intel i7 2600,3.4 ghz,16 gb ddr5 memory,nvidia gtx 1050 ti,4gb.
1tb hdd.and ssd for os.i will be adding another 8gb memory i have on hand,and a 2tb.seagate barracuda hdd.
more than what i was hoping for.right place right time.
mucho happiness.


I’m happy today cause I got a definitive answer…and it put me at ease and made everything clear for me…I’m at peace cause the other person expressed themselves clearly to me and we finally understand each other and now we can both move on and finally be happy.


First day of work this year where people weren’t running around like their heads were on fire. It felt like cheating to ease through the day.

I must have missed something… :smiley:


New pads arrived for my headphones. SO COMFY!


Trials And Tribble-ations.


Nothing yet :rofl:


I might be laid off, evicted, and in the middle of a pandemic with earthquakes hitting my town…

…but I upgraded my monitor all the same. Samsung CRG9. No more triple monitor clutter bullshit!



Is that a Corsair keyboard with mechanical red keys (not the lights)?


Indeed, it’s the Corsair K70 I believe! It’s a solid mech!

I used to have cherry MX blues in a keyboard but after a while the noise was driving me nuts. The cherry MX speed micros in this one are fucking killer though!


I use the Corsair mech red myself. Tis jolly good :slight_smile:


Lone Wolf Development support.

Had a prob. They sorted. Had a nice nerdy email convo.


Lolwut that is an awesome set up


Got some great stems from Auto which I am currently turning into a thing.


got really lucky and found a cmos battery in my clock radio.
back in business!


Worked on some music, and now RPG night with the guys. Jolly good silly fun.

“WE’VE SECURED THE HALFLING!” …which would also be the best stag night ever :smiley:


thank god for Aphex Twin


New mic arrived :+1: