To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


I got a new laptop! It has ssd and I upgraded it with an extra ssd I bout to 1 terra ssd! Can’t wait to put it to work.


“I am angry, I am ill and I’m as ugly as sin.”


Had a phone interview for a job. It’s the most progress I’ve made in my job hunt in 2 long months.


After owning it for like a year and a half I finally figured out how the performance mode works on my DX7II and it is glorious.


won an M-Audio oxygen 25 on ebay. it means i can downsize my old behringer UMX49 (that thing has done me so proud over the years) and make room for my turntables that have been in storage for about 6+ years.

im going to open up the UMX and see if i can remove everything apart from the knobs and build them into their own small enclosure.


Pretty stoked, I was perusing my old man’s endless bookshelves earlier today and found an original 1979 hardcover (with fairly worn slipcover) copy of Alien by Alan Dean Foster. I’ve actually never read it!


I should be surprised but my dad is just an older version of me. I’m still traumatized from Alien Resurrection when he took me to the theater to see it, I was 9. Lol


I’ve read it. It was based off the original script and has some effectively deleted scenes in it. I remember it being pretty good.


I’m 34 and Aliens has been in my top 3 movies since I was 10 and I’m only now learning there was an Alien book :expressionless:


Nice! Alien is probably my favorite film of all time, i’m almost 32. Alan Dean Foster also did official movie novelizations for Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Covenant.

I should probably explore the literature side of the universe more, it’s rich.


I think today I realized I may be making a new piece of music. I’ve been a bit burned out on beat mangling so this next album might be beatless


Very silly, very fun.


Amazing comic. I have that one.

The Aliens vs Superman / Batman is also pretty good fun too.


Just got a cintiq :smiley:


so i got a couple moog mother32s the rack bit did not show up but.
the funny thing is i did not think this through.i have no power for either one.
typical rixtr manuver.


Been listening to Andy Serkis reading The Hobbit for charity:

A few hours in, still some way to go.


it just finished a few mins ago. Tremendous. Much man love for Mr. Serkis for doing this.


Made a coda with a solo I like so much I’m extending the track slightly just to have more of it :smiley:


I finally fucking finished this after one hellish 9 day Blender bender.

Lessons were learned. I still think it turned out pretty sick, this was a great crash course into blendermania.

big ups to @_ms for the music :slight_smile:

I feel accomplished for the day. I need a beer or five.


Nice animation and whatsever


nice work, both of you <3

why did you make the camera move so close? i thought i was gona get stabbed! :smiley: