To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Haha aggressive camera angles for angery noise music XD

Thanks parri! Still new to the Blender thing but I’m getting the hang of it slowly :slight_smile:


I took a day trip to this creepy ass ‘spiritual’ town I live near called Cassadaga, started poking around their bookstore and ended up with a beautiful tibetan singing bowl and a small djembe since my old one bit the dust a little while ago. My wife is a great enabler these days.

The bowl is huge and it sings like a screeching demon. I think there’s a sample pack waiting to erupt


Glitch art on instagram


Humanity is in space again.


Might have seen it flying over tonight.


So for the past 2.5 weeks I’ve been recovering from a back injury, today has been the day I was able to get back on my bike again. I missed work and missed out on some music making, I’ve had wonderful help from a friend who drove me to and from medical care and a wonderfully patient and lovely girlfriend of 7 years to keep my mind off of it. I owe her the most of my happiness. The meds they had me on made my mind super yucky and cloudy

I felt like I was at a wall of darkness :joy::joy:
Anywho that’s what I owe my happiness to today.


finally wrapping my head around my moogses,and kinda sorta modular.
and creating the beginnings of a really good idea for something wicked that will come.
also sudden fond memories of the days before the great purge,and thanking the mods that be for aforementioned purge .yeah,boat load of fun but …
and getting out of this #*@&% creative block!


Took an edible and sat by a pool drinking ice cold Prosecco with orange slices after work today.


Got my Violet Night Amplified Manic Panic today…thank god…I had been rocking a a douchey 90’s ultra blonde look in preparation. Also smoking a rack of ribs tomorrow!


It must be hair day. I just got a headblade and can’t believe how much better bald looks than buzzed when you’re balding anyway


Would recommend for anyone who wants to cut their hair and not their head :smiley:




i am moving to a single monitor setup.i ordered a 32" curved monitor today.
i will get it next week or some 3 foot noodles.hookup w/cv minilouge.
should be interesting.also ordered some naughty bits enhancers.hey im a 54 year old man
gotta get me some sometime!so yeah im still kickin a little slow on the tracks.been studying
modular and such.wait till you see what a man can do to another.


Thank fuck for punk.


Listening to a song I wrote today. Its rubbish. I’m amazed the police didn’t descend on my house just having been playing it on earphones before it might become a threat to the general public. Having a hoot :slight_smile:


Apparently I’ve lost like 15 pounds just by stopping eating out. Fucking calories, man.

No more shitty fad diets for me, I guess


why is that ,millionairs pay only if at all 11% taxes but the rest of us pay34% taxes why is that i wonder


Send it over?


Good SSRI medication, a great ERP therapist, and finally understanding what it is that has been going on in my head since my teens. I’ve built a great life: wife, house, fufilling career, toys for making music, but I’ve been unable to appreciate it in more than bursts till this year. It’s crazy how much space has been freed up in my head now I am dealing with my OCD - though I had no idea that was the name for it because I am so disorganised and messy. Turns out it has nothing to do with orderliness and cleanliness, those are just the most visible compulsions that only a portion of sufferers exhibit.

I’ve known deep down I love my life, but it’s something else to be able to actually connect with that feeling now I’m not engaged in the perpetual dread spiral every waking hour.


So happy for you @saltmart

Pretty sure I’ve got something like OCD I generally joke about it. (The version I have is called CDO … same as OCD except everything has to be in alphabetical order.)

Really hard to let go of even the smallest things…sometimes it seems useful… but hard to stay happy without intense stimulation.

I’m learning