To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


If you do find yourself frequently bombarded/under seige by thought that are unpleasant and you feel you have little to no control over and just want to stop, then I can’t reccomend seeing a professional enough. It has changed my life.


Thank you @saltmarket that is considerate of you… and so glad to hear you’ve found a positive life changing path.

I wouldn’t go that far in describing my tendencies… it’s more of an “over achiever” thing. Not that I’ve managed to ever “over” achieve anything. Sometimes my brain won’t stop… I’ve learned to recognize that and get some rest.

As I get older it’s easier to see why I’ve heard the phrase “will you calm down!” So often. It’s gotten to the point where I can see it coming and get in front of it.

I married my soul mate because she is so good at pulling me gently back to Earth whenever I start hovering six inches above the ground.


This arrived:



YESSSS! Pen and paper nerds unite


My wife has the orderly / cleanliness version of OCD and the positive side of that has rubbed off on me quite a bit; I’ve learned how to organize my studio way more efficiently than I ever would’ve in the past.

I’m still trying to get tested for possible ASD, but it’s funny to consider the upsides of some of these issues, even if they seem like they only hinder us.


I bought a pair of “customer returned” jbls from a 2 star website, and somehow it went over amazingly well. received them and thought one would be punched in or both of them crapped out. they were essentially new I think and I couldnt see anything wrong or used about them besides what looks like a small factory mistake applying the vinyl on the mdf on one. pretty happy since I got the pair of 6"s for less than fair market value of used 5"s


An absolutely not Irish coffee:

Marley family ‘Soul Rebel’ coffee beans, max strength in bean-to-cup machine + Drambuie. Topped with perfectly drizzled double-cream that did not sink.

It was about as Irish as Shogun. Perfect.


just getting out of bed is making me happy sure.


First day of hols. Not taken any time off this year so far so kinda feeling it. I realise that in many ways I’ve been lucky to have been working throughout the interesting times visited upon us. But still. Bit pooped :smiley:

Spent the day doing useful things at home. Felt nice that the only thing needed from my brain was to keep body parts moving instead of the usual expectation.


I had two friends help me with moving yesterday, (almost done) and I found out my last lady friend was fucking my friend ALONG with this other guy while she was fucking me. Neither of us new it, we were both like “wait wait…what.” And then things started getting loud and a lot of laughing and jaw dropping.

My other friend showed up and right when he walked in the door I was screaming “Ohhhhh my fucking god, that is fucking HYSTERICAL!!” and he said “I feel like I’ve just walked in during a revelation,” to which we both replied at the same time “You did.” :stuck_out_tongue:


After describing myself as photoshop illiterate for years and feeling like that was one of the biggest things holding me back creatively forever, something finally clicked with me and GIMP yesterday and I’m finally starting to get it. Was able to whip this up in about an hour between yesterday and today, and it’s no masterpiece, but I could actually see myself using it. And the coolest thing isn’t even that, it’s that I can listen to music while I do this, unlike mixing, mastering, sound design, or song writing. I can’t tell you how cool it is to be able to have a podcast on in the background while I work compared to checking for clicks in the envelopes on my sampler for the 18th time.


Finally mustered enough courage to cut out someone from my life who’s extremely toxic and selfish, I don’t know why I put up with their shit for so long. It feels good to be done.




I decided to wipe off the quarantine haze of the past few months and actually try to do something new again, so I went to my storage unit and pulled out my 49 key Blofeld synth.

I actually have no idea how to play piano, but I did learn how to read sheet music for 3 years in middle school band (saxophone). I found a sweet little piano learning tool online called playground sessions.

I -hope- that actually playing on a keyboard and not just writing synthlines and patches by trial and error, maybe I’ll be able to break this funk and produce some tunes again.

anyways, I really regret not learning to play piano when I was a kid. It really opens a lot, never too late to learn though!


Reminds me a bit of this Lupe Fiasco cover:
Maybe put some texture in there.


The dream of a comp album consisting of amon tobin, broken note, koan sound, noisia, and spor


Finally got around to upgrading from Overloud TH3 to THU. Iz nice.


On hols for a few days and have the energy to spend some time in the Listening Booth for the first time in too long.

Was checking a track I’m working on and absent-mindedly found myself singing along with the chorus. Lol. Thats new. It didn’t even involve curry.


Is it THAT track?
If so, super catchy but so wrong!

Love it!


Believe it or not, no. I did a lot more work on that, I should send you the update if you’ve come out of therap from the previous. This is another one of those where I randomly/spontaineously started singing a tune and had to record it straight away before I forgot it. Worked on it over a few days and have another mostly-completed track :smiley: