To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


One of my friends got his medical marijuana card…its on like Donkey Kong…I’m getting all the goodies now…


Figuring out how to autotone… also mixing in noise in a track + stereo imaging and distortion to get that burial-esque future garage texture.

Also lol I think burial does foley in his tracks…next time it rains listen to your car sounds…hint hint.


I’ve recorded stuff while driving then used it in tracks :slight_smile:


When you develop your own sound, develop your own critic and git gud in terms of know how/ production techniques…and are able to finally listen to others sounds because you no longer stressing yourself out trying to reach your goals because you’ve reached them.


German efficiency. Those guys just fucking rock.


My god, its full of stars…

Valve Index arrived. Hooked up and some tweakery still required. But holy fuck yes.


Nice artwork… great colors and composition :sunglasses:


Been getting my COVD lockdown lifestyle in balance. Got a lot of stuff in the pipeline… and a Didgeridoo WIP imma bout to post

… stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Guitar Rig 6.

Come to me my pet, come to me.