To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?



Hope this helps you have a better day…

Cause laughter is good medicine.




Seeing that my C# and Unity skills are getting better and better!


This is good. I like the post rock influence.
Reminds me of deafheaven.


My tooth was pulled out the day before yesterday and I hope now I can rest.


Dicking around with snares. Good times.



Something to read at work. Holiday present to myself.


I just discovered this guy’s YT channel. great stuff:


happiness is hard to come by these days fuck it’s getting to me like brutal


Workin’ since about 8am, finished about 11:30pm with a break to make dinner at dinner time.

Now got some wine, playing ‘puter game, listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms. Chillin’. Iz nice.


Don’t let negativity consume you, Lug! You’re cool as hell.

A month ago I went on a hike in Spring Lake and showed off the bridge you and I hung out at, and last week I went on another short trek there before the sun went down, and my companion found some new trails. A bit snowy and muddy, but it was a good adventure.


The movie “there’s something about mary” totally forgot that it existed.


It rained… and we really need it.