To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Nice! @bfk … it’s good to take a listen back once in a while… but I try not to do it often… it can feel a little self-indulgent. But after a bunch of months or a year or so… listening to one or two can be reinvigorating.

Onward! :sunglasses:


^Nah, it’s cool to listen back on stuff! I just isolated this portion of the last show I ever had and came here to post this song, because this is the best version of this song we did. It started off as some bullshit remix to a Triceracorn track (IG88, Branden Clark, IDMf artist, etc), but it turned into a crazy cover that I’m still proud of.

Otherwise, today was quite enjoyable, but it’s bed time. Until we meet again.


I know someone is going to step in and tell me I’m wrong, but I still wonder why people are catering to these fucks anyway. Nothing sounds good through a phone speaker, no matter how hard anybody tries. If your shit doesn’t translate well, it’s probably just created for decent human beings who care a little bit about audio

The car check tells no lies, though :grinning:


Made some noisy thing. It was alright. A good day.


Got vaxxed up :slight_smile:


Happy that I havent posted any of my toxic mind diarrhea on idmf as of late.

Yay for self control.

666th post gay as a dildo.