To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Nice! @bfk … it’s good to take a listen back once in a while… but I try not to do it often… it can feel a little self-indulgent. But after a bunch of months or a year or so… listening to one or two can be reinvigorating.

Onward! :sunglasses:


^Nah, it’s cool to listen back on stuff! I just isolated this portion of the last show I ever had and came here to post this song, because this is the best version of this song we did. It started off as some bullshit remix to a Triceracorn track (IG88, Branden Clark, IDMf artist, etc), but it turned into a crazy cover that I’m still proud of.

Otherwise, today was quite enjoyable, but it’s bed time. Until we meet again.


I know someone is going to step in and tell me I’m wrong, but I still wonder why people are catering to these fucks anyway. Nothing sounds good through a phone speaker, no matter how hard anybody tries. If your shit doesn’t translate well, it’s probably just created for decent human beings who care a little bit about audio

The car check tells no lies, though :grinning:


Made some noisy thing. It was alright. A good day.


Got vaxxed up :slight_smile:


Happy that I havent posted any of my toxic mind diarrhea on idmf as of late.

Yay for self control.

666th post gay as a dildo.


We schedule a trip to a cabin with another couple in June at a local-ish outdoors tourist area, Salt Fork in Ohio. They are letting me plan the whole menu, cocktails etc so I’m super stoked to get to host and cook for the long weekend. Our friend some how got us a super deal on a giant cabin with an 8 person hot tub. Also, supposedly there is a Sasquatch or three that hang out in Salt Fork State Park lol.

Literally not had a party or gone on a trip in over a year now so we will be eating and drinking fancy af.


I’m guessing it appears around the same time as you and then isn’t seen the rest of the year :smiley:


I was thinking about getting my back waxed before we go…maybe that’ll affect the sightings…I should do science…lol


You still owe me a bbq. You actually don’t but I figure if I keep saying it enough you will think you do even if you can’t quite remember why. Think of it as gaslighting but with more booze and meat.


Found an excellent snare sound. Well I like it. Subjective, etc :smiley:


Well, if I’m over out your way I or vice versa happy to char some mammal flesh and have a few cocktails : )


Well, a couple of years ago, my Early 2013 MacBook Pro 15" died.

A little while ago, I came across a Louis Rossman video about this problem.

The problem was that the U8900 chip (which regulates power to the GPU) has absolutely abysmal soldering, and after a while of working fine, the solder contacts come loose, and when it heats up, it loses connection due to the expansion, after which the voltage to the GPU drops, the kernel panics, the display turns off.

When I send the MacBook to Apple to fix it, as they were required to fix it as it was a manufacturing defect, all they did was put a little rubber strip over the chip, so that the chip would be pressed onto the board by the backplate beneath the logic board.

No reflowing the chip, just a fucking flap of rubber, too thin at that.

About a year after the fix, it died again. No wonder. Rubber degrades and compresses, and stops exerting as much force after a while.

So, I found a teardown guide, took the logic board out, and put in a bit of folded up electrical tape such that a lot more force is applied to the chip when it is pressed up against the backplate. It’s such a fiddly palaver and the wires and connectors are so delicate and petite I genuinely expected to turn it back on and the keyboard and USB port would be fucked or something.

But, the thing to which I owe my happiness today, is that it seems I had too little confidence in how careful I can be with my chubby, clumsy fingers.

So far, it’s working absolutely fine - and I can enjoy not using Windows and instead using an objectively superior operating system. Apple are arseholes sometimes, but fuck me do they make a good operating system. Miles better for software development in my book. No fucking about with the linux subsystem on Widows if you want bash. And no fucking about with Linux, as much as I love it, it just lacks the spit and polish of Mac OS at a user interface and software installation/availability level.


Im happy cause I’m not getting caught up in extremism…by totally avoiding the news.

Extremists: us vs them
Moderates: us vs them
Other extremists: us vs them.

I’m reading some books concerning social issues instead.


Glad i did not succeed at taking my life! just got out of the hospital .
was there for a good bit, but i got my meds changed and 2 added.
i don’t mention my ptsd often. or my social anxiety.
anyway finally caved and got meds for anxiety.
oh and meds for the crushing depression that comes with bipolar disorder.
not all that well yet, have had seizures just this morning. scrambles the grey matter pretty good.
my legs and balance are wobbly for about an hour after. i do have pretty bad vertigo, but i can get over the counter. so yeah…kinda busy month. got evicted while in the hospital. (sad face)
much to friend has my gear so yay. i did buy a new laptop so back to business!
i’ll see you soon, “i’m your huckleberry, and that’s just my game!”


Dude, that’s quite a rollercoaster. Very glad also you failed at that thing. That’s pretty shitty getting evicted while in hospital. Vertigo for PTSD sufferers seems to be a thing. I know someone with same.

Hope somewhere to live happened before laptop and glad gear is safe :smiley:

Get in touch so we can take the piss out of each other again.


Hey Rixtr, I too am glad to hear you are still with us! Also glad someone had your back regarding your stuff, that must be horrible having to deal with eviction when you cannot be there yourself (or eviction in general). Keep the positive attitude and have fun making some music!


@Rixtr. Hang in there… your health is most important… and you are taking care of that… the rest will sort itself out. Keep your spirits up and persevere… no substitute for that!:zap:


Made a great snare today. Much much happy.


Had a nice two week break from smoking herb…friends of mine went on a road trip to Michigan (legal state, six hour round trip) and brought me back some absolute fire. I am super cheap date tonight :joy:

edit: also shit is called Skywalker…pretty sure I have Jedi mind powers now…