To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Got bx_digital in the Plugin Alliance Memorial Day sale. PLAYTIME! :slight_smile:


oh dude, I looooove Brainworx yet I never here anyone talk about them. I don’t feel an expert enough to say if they are worth the money full price but on sale yes, yes, yes.


I’m impressed so far but not really delved deep yet. It turned a flabby bass drum into a kick ass kick with just a couple of twiddles which is how a well designed interface should work.


Just silly :smiley:


Having a proper daiquiri tonight…

2 oz Appleton Estate
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
3/4 oz Simple Syrup

Add all to shaker crushed ice last. Shake well until chilled. Serve immediately in chilled tumbler. Lime wedge garnish.


I just went out to see the Adirondacks last week…

…then when I got home from that, I still didn’t have my fill of beautiful mountain landscapes. So the next day I went to Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia…

…I just got home last night around midnight. Feeling achy from the hiking but reinvigorated spiritually :triumph:

edit: added more pics :stuck_out_tongue:


The usual, music and drugs.


finally got a place i can call home base! its not much,but it will do for now.
had to do this as i ended up in the hospital again.sadly i had a very bad experience with my meds.
so had them changed.and the diagnosis which i have heard before,is borderline personality disorder,ptsd,and severe depression.kinda knew that,just did not want to accept i was there for 25 days and finally got my head screwed on i should be back to my moosic,and artwork.missed coming here a bit,some of you are quite helpful,and well as kick ass artists.yeah.


rixtr you motherfucker I am glad you got a space to do your shit bro. fuckin forums dont do our lives justice bro. I truly hope thing work out for you dude but fuck me i’m just some fuckin jackass on the interwebs hehehe. [wink wink] i just want to make everything alright and bring permanent equilibrium to the earth but i operate within normal human parameters so dont expect any miracles because i cant even bring that shit about for myself.*


That’s great, man…really glad to read things are on the up for you, R. :slightly_smiling_face:


How’s tricks, dude…hadn’t seen you on her for a while when I was last on and found myself actually wondering about you the other day, when this place came to mind…and here you are! Hope all is well with you and yours and that business is booming for ya. :wink:


Music helps heal head and heart…

Hang in there @Rixtr


Thank you sir and good tidings to you as well! :grin:


Got a bottle shelf for my mini bar today…looks slightly less like a frat party now lol


You need to check your local charity shops or Facebook Marketppace, we scored a vintage liquor cabinet for pennies.


That would be a great synth rack :smiley:


FFS Roo I’m moving home, don’t give me ideas!

Edit: I discussed the idea with my wife and ‘tell them their ass would make a great synth rack’.


Technically big enough to park something in there but no, no it wouldn’t very useful :smiley:


I’m very happy to be alive… Last night I hit a deer going 80mph at dusk in a shitty 2002 toyota camry. Completely totalled my car, I wasn’t injurred at all thankfully as well…
I hated that car anyway and got more than enough out of it for the amount of time I had it, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.


@Auto-meh-geddon currently our bedding lives in the drawers under the bar lol but yea, once I get an actual day off I want to go thrift shopping. edit: also, I think your wife just owned basically the whole admin team with that comment…lol : )

@StrayMedicine dude, glad you are OK! I also live in deer country and that shit is no bueno!