To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Wow. You will celebrate your second birthday !


Happiness comes in Mysterious ways!


Not today, but thought I’d share the laugh… one of the funniest comment exchanges I’ve ever had in a debate on Quora (it was a debate with people who actually had something of value to add… was).

The initiating comment was deleted, but it’s saved by someone in a quote.

Samuel: “Your brain has been affected by cigarettes. You are not okay. Too much cigarettes has made you unstable . You have lost your mind. You must be must be a leftist who is unable to accept the truth about your self. Before you come here insulting and criticize anyone should you go and get help for your addiction and your mental issues.”

(FYI, I didn’t insult anyone, this was a reply to someone else who did insult Samuel, but to be honest, the insults were pretty damned apt!)

Then, in another branch of the thread where I was making fun of him, he continued.

I shouldn’t poke him, but this guy is beyond stupid and it was a bit funny.


Drinking Cobra Fangs, smoking bowls, listening to music.


After 6 months at the new apartment I realized I didn’t have any houseplants.

I give you…Tony, Paulie, Christopher, and Sil.


I need some plants for my room. But then I think, I gotta water em and give em stuff like sunlight…sigh.

This past week I was panicking that my car registration needed to be renewed and I only had until the 5th to do it, but my funds are low and it would leave me in a lurch…but if I dont do it and get pulled over I’m really screwed. Until my wife explained to me that my current sticker is good until the beginning NEXT month.


I’ve spent most of today working on a tremendously shit song. I’ve had a blast :smiley:


I put the lap top and the iPad away and just played the same guitar… all day.

I got better…hope some of it sticks :sunglasses:


My Razer Tartarus Pro arrived today, retiring my ol’ Logitech G13.


I played the piano today


Finally put the EP out. Now to sort another one that I did with Auto ages ago.


Two weeks ago I mispronounced “Mandalorian” as “Milandalorian” which led to me and my friend concocting a movie poster in our brains while laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.

I think it was one of those “you had to be there” moments, but I made it last week and texted it to her and cracked her the fuck up at work.

So yeah, that made me happy. This fucker took way longer than expected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a karaoke party planned on Sat and it’s gonna be awesome. My sister’s in town so we gettin’ crazy.


ifs friday


Psy, you ain’t fooling anyone…we can all see through you…


Beefcake with steaks and mashed potatoe frosting.


…with sprinkles on top.


I am REALLY happy today because I’ve nearly stopped smoking cigs. Been taking a med called Champix to help get off them and its worked wonders for me…down to about 5 a day from 25 and my chest loves me dearly. :heart_eyes:


That’s a big improvement! Working on it myself currently. <3


I found the first 3 to 5 days the worst, but it got better after that. Still getting mad cravings out of the blue, like I only smoked an hour ago and never cut back, though that’s normal. Going to be off them completely come tomorrow night and that’s when the real fun starts. :grin:


All the best to you! I’m working on substituting it with things like making tea more often and starting to meditate again after a long time not doing it. In any case, it’s definitely going to get better with time. <3