To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Yt user Drillobite…not sure if they were an idmfer…but finding out that they posted some idmf stuff is pretty awesome.


Same to you, man…it’s tough kicking the habit, but well worth it in the end. I hear ya on the tea…doing more of that myself of late…Earl Grey…black and weak, with a touch of cold water…really nice on hot days like we’ve been having here lately…kind of like unsweetened ice tea.

I’m also finding I’m sighing a lot…kind of wired and I’m not sure why…it’s not a conscious thing…just keeps happening.

Regarding meditating…I’ve been doing that for a while already…part of my daily thing is to sit outside first thing in the morning and just soak in all the sounds and sights for 30 minutes of so…really helps get the day off to a good start.

Anyway, best of luck with it…hope you manage to get off them and stay off them. :wink:


Chew gum to curb the smoking habit.
Maybe idk


Thank you! And the regular morning meditation sounds great. I hope I remember to try that tomorrow morning!


Yeah…and drinking water seems to help, too. The “hunger” isn’t so bad, thanks to the Champix tabs, so I’m not eating all round me…still, a few pounds is far better than the effects on my body from smoking.


Was going to make another tutorial but it was just a rehash of what I already made tuts about…so…that was going to be my day…didn’t make a good tutorial…but at least i fixed it so that the vids doesn’t have a shitty sound output.


Email confirming Alien: Colonial Marines Operations Manual physical copy is finally on its way. Oh fuck yeh.

Yay to FLP surviving pandemic and finally getting this out. Bring on the terrifying nerdery.

So fucking happy.




old windows comp is no longer laggy after i uninstalled winzip…no longer a pain in the ass to make tuts