To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Patches worked wonders for me, especially as having a cig while on patches might make you feel sick.
It’s important to lower the level of the patches slowly, then you’ll get to the point where you forget the patches and still forget to smoke.

Also, a cigarette diary helped in the early weeks, keep tab of when you smoked and every day remove one.


I did the quite-then start-again thing…it was stupid, but it was also stress, a whole lot of stress, and me trying to cope with it. I have since dealt with a good part of that stress, and am happy to say I have now gone 6 days without a cigarette. I started switching to vaping in July and have slowly been winding down the ciggies until now. I actually “quit” last Tuesday by accident, I did not realize until the end of the day that I has not smoked yet. Once I did, I was like “well, that was sooner than expected, but hey, let’s keep it up!” I am still fighting the urges a bit, but the vaping does help. It is the lesser of two evils.


(Technically yesterday but it was getting late)

LFO + Ringmod :slight_smile:


Ringmod is up there w PWM as must have parameters on an ideal synth.


Just a little follow-up on the kicking smoking thing…3 days now without a cig…but I only have 3 weeks supply of Champix left. The pharmacist told me last Tuesday they have no more in stock and can’t get any either for the foreseeable future. Apparently there’s been a run on the stuff and supply hasn’t kept up with demand.

I’m not too worried about that, though, as I did it last time round on my own without the help of anything…so I figure after 3 weeks I should be over the initial rough phase.

Man, it already feels good to be off them. :smile:




Lex Luthor and Lady Macbeth stopped bothering/stalking me…for now,

it seems like they lost interest once they realized their bullying has no effect on me.

It made me happy cause the only weird shit I’m posting on idmf nowadays is my music.


Getting closer to releasing track… when I get a piece to the point where it sounds good to me, even after listening to it several times in a row for several days in row… with tiny tweaks just for polish …

That makes me happy :laughing:


I quit smoking again about a year ago. Instead now I’m addicted to boiled sweets and biscuits, so it’ll be the diabetes and not the emphysema that gets me.


A case of the lesser of two evils…but, trust me, you can drop the sweet stuff a lot quicker than the cigs, if you put your minds to it. :wink:

In my case, I had my last smoke on the 26th of last month and I’m finding the dreams are what’s really getting to me. I’m having these really vivid dreams about smoking or buying cigs…or trying not to smoke and being just about to smoke and then I wake up in a cold sweat. Don’t think I’ve had a good nights sleep since I went off them.

But it’s all worth it. :grin:


Got my hands on this:

Looking forward to playing with it later today.


I always enjoy getting a good deal from PA on a Brainworx plug in! I don’t feel like BX gets talked about by electronic musicians but I like all their plugs I own.

I am just happy because for the rest of the semester I have MONDAYS off (I mean, I have shit I have to do, but I can get up at 10:30am, dick around for a few hours in the morning and still get plenty done). 12 more weeks of MONDAY freedom : )


It’s great for a load of things, not just giving your subs stand out. It gives up something, be it on an individual track in a mix, on the master bus…or even during the mastering phase…well worth the dosh. :wink: