To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


this shall now be known as the thread where in relic gushes about his new found inspiration and setup

so much joy totally improving last night…recorded 2 out 3 random DJ + groove boxes sessions…defo some fuck ups, but I’m on a mission to hit record no matter what

Totally wasting the full potential of the 1010 Music Bluebox recording just one stereo channel, but its a fabulous digital recorder.


No odd posts from me in 4 days…made me happy cause im not degrading idmf forum content.


it’s the finer things in life.


Sipping on Pernod (yea I’m a gross bitch that likes anise) while enjoying the fruits of my own labor and listening to my cool DJ mix a few times through. I ain’t even worried about the blip half way through, the rest is pretty decent for having been off the decks and drunk for a year lol


i recentley started watching an ungodly amount of cartoons, like my gf (of 8 years) and i have been loop eps of regular show, adventuretime, youtube animations etc. her father has been going for a rough bit, so to see her smile is a godsend


can i have a link to this dj mix?


during the stay at home order we spent whole consecutive evenings just watching the Office on repeat and doom scrolling on our phones…it was a healthy thing for us they took it off netflix


that show is good in moderation, it’s a way to bridge the gap


I like both versions but last season of US version was pretty weak and glad they ended it.


I know it is a cliche’ but the show became hit or miss after Carell left. That said, I feel like they gave Ferrell just enough time to do his thing w/o over doing it and James Spader is just fucking wackado and I love it.

The Jim and Pam story line gets more and more annoying to me. Jim has “nice guy” misogyny vibes like the main, male cast of Big Bang Theory.


Pretty much. I noticed in S3 or so of Big Bang they basically rewrote Sheldon’s character. He went from understanding everything and not caring to misunderstanding things due to a lack within because it was easier to write. By the end of BB Theory they’d made all the characters very creepy if you paid attention. While I don’t mind that per se I think when they haven’t had a plot related reason to change its just shit writing.


I just got ALL of my old Ableton presets back, plus a bunch of old patches I thought lost forever, plus I figured out how to make some old VST’s work again! I’m stoked as hell. I’m getting closer to being able to open old music files and/or make some tunes again.


My perception, from my limited experience w the show, is that the misogyny is written to be ok because the guys are “harmless nerds.”

I appreciate the basic premise of the show but this part always bothered me.


The uk version was written better…

The us version jims prank toward dwight.

Dwight made the show.


Yea, it took me a second watch of the series but Dwight is certainly a main character highlight for me. I like that they made him really weird, but he also had honest emotional moments.


Had been dry for a while but was able to score. Smoked a cone and put the needle to the record so to speak. Upload pending review…


i can tell, its a very warm mix, i’ve been listeing for four hours, and i’ve also been going through the lorn catalog, and the igloo, 440 bleeze


Rob Papen Predator 3 woop woop \o/


That’s an unexpected update in my mind… nice.