To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Damn dude, you have a streak going tonight :smiley:


I’ve been trying to stay unplugged the last couple weeks, even if it’s good news. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pro 2.

Thank fuck for Dave.


after nearly 20 years in the service industry, I am getting paid to stay at home, on a holiday weekend, and getting paid for it.
I get money.
For doing nothing.
Free money.
Is this what it is like to work for the government?


I just got paid to make that post.
and this one.
what a glorious time to be alive.


It’s the little things in life…


made a few tutorials…it made me happy for some reason


Made music, working on a cover of an absolute classic piece of synth music. Don’t do covers often but this is some pretty cool fun.


To what do I owe my happiness today?

This. :slight_smile:



Not many things in life are better than Live 10, I concur with this happiness . You can keep the snow though


Actually still on live 9.
I agree on the snow (personally hare winter), but the view while working is nice! :slight_smile:



When you listen to something you made and you think “Holy fuck I made that!”

Pretty sure everyone’s been there. Still feels great. Doesn’t matter how we may feel later. Right now its awesome :slight_smile:


nice view! my neck of the woods is the same :frowning: but spring is here!
9 is good i opted for 10 i like some of the extras.


I wish spring was here, but instead, like hobits and breakfast, we have second winter. Actually this is thirdsies at this point.

I got my copy of 9 as a gift from a friend who had a gig mastering for a local studio for a while, so he had a ridiculous number of licenses. This was super cool because I got all of his packs and vsts at zero cost without pirating anything (studio paid for everything), BUT, the downside is that I don’t have his credentials so I can’t do much about updating or reinstalling. If anything ever happens to this computer, for example…I’m basically royally screwed until I save up to buy ableton and all of my vsts and plugins again.

Well, at least the main software and any vst and plugins that require registration for use, or come from sites like ablton’s library where you have credentials to get the patches and plugins downloaded (many at cost).



yeah nice of him.i gave a forum member my old live 8 license and had it transferred to him(wasn’t )using it much then.he is still using it! ghost your drive or use a back up USB HDD like i do.? i experiment a lot and do CGI and graphic i am always looking to tweak and squeeze what i can.


I’m actually enjoying Live Intro. $100 bucks and no worries. If something happened, anyways. I do miss Operator but mostly eq8. Besides that, I use more vsts anyway so the main limitation is the track count and session view clip numbers.


after waking up, i continued playing around with the dub techno riddim i made yesterday night, for a while before going to work…


Damn man, those pics make me happy too, because that is where I grew up. :slight_smile: Lived in Hillsboro most of my life, which you drove through/past on Hwy 26 to get to the coast. I miss the coast, I did not appreciate it as much as I should have while I was there the last 10 years or so.

Anywho, this made me super happy: My stepdad and mom work at the local library, which has a book/CD sale a few times a year. They buy me CDs. So they send me a pic of all the discs on sale and lookie what popped up:

All the Zappa are belong to me! They already snagged them before I even asked. :grin:


well, I guess since I killed this thread with too much Zappa it is time to kick start it again. This should do the trick, as it made me choke on a gummy bear, which must count as some sort of happy:


Sorry for not responding sooner. I actually read this but got side tracked.

Yea, that’s my first time going to Portland and most of those photos came from our trip to Cannon Beach. So awesome. It rained the entire time but wasn’t terrible by any means. Just needs a rain coat. The scenery was amazing. Not included in these photos, which I admit, I got super high and zoned out. I ended up cropping and filtering a lot of them. But it was like a side mission going there. Grab photos and video stuffs. So I think I did my bit there.

I also grabbed some field recordings when we were in the woods at Hug Point. My wife’s mother’s ashes are in there somewhere. So I recorded the walk back. I haven’t attempted to pull them from my Tascam yet, or anything I recorded while there but I intentionally took as much stuff thinking I would attempt to stuff while there.

So far, I might have a video, definitely some photos to remember and possibly a recordings of my trek through the woods.


Will definitely be going back. I think the next time I even want to spend more days in Cannon Beach than Portland. Just because it has that small town feel, good food and well…a dispensary to top it off. =D Plus, the Goonies were filmed there. So that’d be cool to sift out a bit.

My wife even started looking at real estate and jobs in the area. I even saw an awesome house boat that was pretty cool for a small chunk of change. Would be neat.