To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Finally having an inspiration hit out of the blue!



Damn dude, you have a streak going tonight :smiley:


I’ve been trying to stay unplugged the last couple weeks, even if it’s good news. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pro 2.

Thank fuck for Dave.


after nearly 20 years in the service industry, I am getting paid to stay at home, on a holiday weekend, and getting paid for it.
I get money.
For doing nothing.
Free money.
Is this what it is like to work for the government?


I just got paid to make that post.
and this one.
what a glorious time to be alive.


It’s the little things in life…


made a few tutorials…it made me happy for some reason


Made music, working on a cover of an absolute classic piece of synth music. Don’t do covers often but this is some pretty cool fun.


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To what do I owe my happiness today?

This. :slight_smile:



Not many things in life are better than Live 10, I concur with this happiness . You can keep the snow though


Actually still on live 9.
I agree on the snow (personally hare winter), but the view while working is nice! :slight_smile: