To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Free bacon rolls at work.

Om nom nom.


Weekend and spaghetti whiff clam sauce


It’s fukken friday homies.

Drinks up, cheers, and hope you all have a fuck-tastic weekend!!




Got this new vape cart COLA flavored, it’s like vaping the cola Ike N Mike candy.


Wife has a company dinner tonight so I’m kicking it back with a brew and making my way through Shadow of the Colossus (PS4).



Like splicing tape except with vinyl? Vlantis, I believe I seen the video you are referencing and if it the same one that I am thinking it is then, Holy shit make that a thread!!!


Wrote music. Catchy, tunesome shizzle and at the same time completely unacceptable.

Still doing it right. Fuck you.


day 5 without cigarettes.
it sucks that it gets easier to quit smoking the more often you do it, because a part of your brain tries to use that as an argument/justification to have another cigarette.
but i am done, for good this time. smoking bad…even though i love it.


good on ya, 5 days is a hearty stretch my man. I can’t stay off the juul, although it helped me quit cigs entirely. But it’s even worse, it’s easier, tastier, and packs more nicotine.

Cold turkey is the way. Cheers to you dude!



^Insert asshole-like response


nostromer is right, cold turkey is the only way. I’ve quite like 4 times and it only ever worked cold turkey.
Can say I haven’t had one in about 6 months and haven’t any urge to smoke really since, it gets easier if you’re able to gross yourself out by the thought of em, or smoke other things instead lol


Finally pulled the trigger on parts for a desktop. Building the whole thing, making a fucking workhorse. I’m really excited to have a computer that doesn’t limit my productivity and can handle live visuals and crazy fast rendering :slight_smile:


Mind sharing what you picked in this thread?


He meant in the computer rig build thread. Linked in his post.


Nice build.


I have the same RAM. it’s good, corsair makes quality stuff. Sweet build. We expect tunes rendered off that machine, btw. :smiling_imp:


oh duh, I’m still getting used to the updated format of the site on here lol, didn’t realize hyperlinks are white.
Thanks though!


Nice! Yeah it’s insane how cheap it’s getting now too. A couple years ago and this rig would’ve been a lot more expensive, I’m happy there’s a kinda sweet spot for people looking to render without it costing an arm and a leg

And don’t worry I’ve been working at it haha… Fortunately backed up my harddrive and all of my project files before my OTHER laptop harddrive died this time, just last week. (Fuck using laptops and fuck using anything other than SSD lol, I’m done with that.)


May have done too much filtering but some amazing scenary in Portland. Well most of this is actually Cannon Beach.