Things that piss you off the most


Linux is just an OS, and it works exactly like it should. The problem that most ‘enthusiasts’ don’t want to talk about is that it was never built with the idea of being a desktop replacement to Windows or MacOS. It was specifically built on the tenants of Unix, being distributed parallel compute loads at the kernel level for server applications. Literally everything you do with a desktop, from having a GUI to web browsing to playing audio or video is a bolt-on afterthought that Linux at a very basic level was never designed to do. It’s like modifying a circular saw to cut down trees - it’ll work, depending on your use case, but it’s going to break and fuck up and not work for some things because you’re ultimately repurposing something for a different job.

As someone who has ownership of a couple thousand Linux nodes as a day job, I’m pretty well steeped in how it works under the hood. I would never, ever, ever try to seriously use it for audio or gaming or anything that isn’t a ‘server’ application because it’s pretty shit at it on a fundamental level, and there are actual OSs out there that are built for a user experience. That said, it can be fun and educational to mess with and get to work in those cases, but relying on it for those things is an exercise in frustration.


Major annoyance: negative attitudes towards chronic mental health conditions. Misinformation kept me from treatment for a long time, so it grinds my gears when I see misinformation or stigma continuing to get spred because you have no idea who might be internalising that and preventing themselves from getting help down the line


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I’ll be leaving my current job here pretty soon because I’m tired of the way nobody at work takes any precautions in relation to covid… it’s frustrating beyond words to be one of 3 people who give a shit or try to go out of their way to be a little more careful, especially being in the food industry. The general manager is an antimasker, and apparently announced to the store that she wished I’d pass out from my mask while driving and die after I talked with her about leaving because I wasn’t comfortable there.

People making food there are coughing without covering their fucking mouth constantly, and nobody has an understanding of the whole 6 feet thing. I’m the only person who has sanitized anything in the last month. I’m done having any sympathy for these dense motherfuckers, and it’s time corporate got a call about it.


Oh yeah, also on my last delivery last night someone tried to pick a fight with me because I wanted to give him his food contactless.

People’s reaction to this shit has made me lose hope in a good portion of humanity. It’s amazing how many people are more concerned about living life normally than possibly preventing deaths. It’s the ultimate show of what kinds of people are selfish.


Yeah, I hear you,

For delivery, I have been trying to use contactless myself and using digital tips instead of handing money when possible. It sucks to hear your workplace isn’t taking the issue more seriously.


You can even do a cash order contactless, just put the money on something instead of possibly touching someone’s hand. I use hand sanitizer after taking money, so I’m not worried, but I could still be an unknowing host of the virus and give it to someone else… really more than anything the contactless delivery protects the customer more, but yeah paying with a card and pre-tipping prevents any transfer of germs at all

But think about that though, because I was going out of my way to be a little more careful, which benefits the customer more and literally has no change for possible transfer of germs on my end, he tried to pick a fight with me. What the fuck is the world coming to…


Yeah That part where dude got mad is crazy, there’s such a unnecessarily large number of people who think its all a hoax and are adamant on it too, I wonder if they are committed not because they still believe it is a hoax, but because they’d look bad to change their opinion now, its just so strange. I remember seeing pictures where someone would have that position, and post saying its a hoax, then post about testing positive, then literally have a memorial service for the person or a link to their obituary.


Same. Apparently I had a long post sitting in this thread from like a week ago that I decided not to submit because I figured it was too self-indulgent, but it was basically about the losing faith part.

I think it’s going to stick in my mind for as long as I’m alive, which is hopefully even in a post-covid-is-deadly world. There’s like 1/3 of the US who cannot be helped.


I too have this issue.i dont work anymore as i am disabled.however i live smack dab in the middle of trump central.hardly anyone wears a mask,and when i am in line waiting for a register, i get crowded right up my ass.
sometimes said person is hacking all over me. wtf? clearly these people don’t care who they kill.
i too am saddened. where did our democracy go?how did we become a nation of greedy self centered,asshats?
why are people so unkind,selfish,and just plain stupid?
rant over.