BB114 makes u dream


Rule #1

Make it trippy man. Like actually weird and maybe a bit disturbing.

Rule #2

“autotune” the guy doing the dmt review at some point in your track. Doesn’t have to be literally autotune, just have it be pitched shifted to be melodic… i think Reaper has a free autotune plugin you can download tho.

rule #3

create some kind of drone/noise ambience that is featured throughout a good portion of your track.


could do a timer but…


so basically when we wake up on Sunday morning that’ll be that.

Let the battle commence…

Things that piss you off the most
Pandemic social distancing diary thread

is that the Star Trek theme on the ms20? lol


hahaha actually it’s just some thing from an old track of mine, but I think i hear what you’re saying :wink:


Jeez… this place really is dead nowadays. Anybody working on something?

If somebody starts one I’ll start one too :grin:


Actually yes i am doing something.
Please start one, i would like to hear it
Prepares acid


I have something started.


I’m working on something as well. :spider:


How do you import samples into that cricket synth?


them some cute as crickets.


hell yes… now I am feelin it… lez go!


You have to plant them in a field, and then let them grow and bet bigger, then you deploy the cricket synth to the field and it automatically intakes the samples bit by bit.




Just letting everyone know that I haven’t started anything for this one despite the really cool theme. <3


Hmm got a lot going on, and really wanna do something quick and dirty for this…so a few questions…

is this a strict sample based battle? or focused on using the vocal bit as a focal point?

I hate to ask since we are trying to get away form extensions (and i do love pressure), BUT anyway we could extend the deadline to Sept 8th? or 7th?


All Beat Battles unless otherwise stated are limited to the the samples in the sample pack.

Rule #2 is: “autotune” the guy doing the dmt review at some point in your track.

So, you have to have the dmt vocal sample in your song, and autotuned/pitch shifted into a melody, but you don’t necessarily need them to be the highlight. As long as its in the track.

No extensions


Didn’t realize you were the host, thanks for clearing it all up.
! :police_car:


I’m not the host. I’m just reading the rules in the OP.

But I have been around for an number of BB’s and I if you haven’t tuned into the last BB or the BB discussion that is used to steer the BB’s, you’d notice that we’re avoiding extensions which is why we’re not doing extensions.

You said you liked pressure, are you backing out now?


I’ve been around for ages too, and I dont need to have a pissing contest with some random dude online who thinks that sticking his virtual chest out to make points makes him a bigger man!

LMAO, backing out … dude go get something to do with your life! Online looking to pick fights with people is for simple minded children.

And if your aim is too get more people to leave IDMF, cause you need to prove how cool you are, your doing great…

Too many real problems out here in this world for someone to be online looking to show that they are cool… wow… just sad… but thanks for showing us all your true colors. best of to you


Dude, your the one who wanted to be a smart ass, so maybe you should’ve thought about that before responding.


@TvMcC I think something got lost in translation here, IO is correct, there’s been a discussion and it was agreed to do our best to limit extensions for the foreseeable future for BB’s. And the last part of his last message is more like a callback/ a jab in jest. It would be sweet if you can throw in a submission, there’s still one day left! Otherwise, the next round is coming in quick, which is sort of the flow we’re trying with the no extension thing. When we miss one, the next is just around the corner!