Things that piss you off the most


The fucked up thing is after making music for a while even though I’m only an amateur at best it’s like I can see why some famous musicians struggle with depression…I think that such struggles are common with creative types across the board. The scary thing is I can understand that feeling. So yeah…I just stop because I’m getting to personal and I’ll start WebMD self diagnosing. And idmf is not a proper place for mental health issues
(an unwritten rule that should be written, I know like obvious needs to be obvious on the net)

In short rip famous musicians that have passed under tragic circumstances.



Anyone Ever walk in on an ongoing bar fight and was just like…nope and left. Also noise complaints because underage drinking. In hindsight, those raids were for the best because; It prevented me and others from swaying into early onset alcoholism. Which curbed the possibility of me fucking up my life, beyond repair all because of alcohol.