Things that piss you off the most



Anyone Ever walk in on an ongoing bar fight and was just like…nope and left. Also noise complaints because underage drinking. In hindsight, those raids were for the best because; It prevented me and others from swaying into early onset alcoholism. Which curbed the possibility of me fucking up my life, beyond repair all because of alcohol.


Ppl who make out with/deep throat the mic…


insert Vlantis joke here


For real, what pisses me off:
Total loss of motivation. Lost national identity card, bank card. Cannot buy tobbaco. Have to borrow it. If i do not have a smoke, i can sleep for whole day and it pisses me off. I can not make music, only play guitar. Went out of weed. Another huge factor for motivation loss.
What i am wondering is if does any of you experience similar loss of will/motivation if (x) , when (x) and if it is normal. A friend said it is indeed completly normal. Your thoughts?


Normal for me man, and it can always be the small things that kind of overwhelm you


A few things really piss me off lately…

I caught my manager stealing my tips, and found out she’s taking all unclaimed tips from employees. She isn’t struggling financially at all and is ABOUT TO BUY A ROLEX, fuck.

Someone I used to kinda be romantically involved with is trying to throw a big party soon, doesn’t take covid seriously at all, even though she had it about a month ago. I blocked her on everything after an argument about it. Legitimately only cares about herself, she doesn’t care because she currently has antibodies, and is only thinking about herself in regards to covid…

And someone hit my dog with their car the other day… they didn’t slow down, or stop or anything… Poor girl, she’s really not doing well… she’s having her leg amputated and things aren’t looking good for her so far :frowning:

what kind of fuckhead doesn’t even stop after they’ve hit a pet with their car…

So many people are fucking selfish assholes… if anything that’s what the last couple weeks have shown me.


good god @StrayMedicine, sorry to hear that bro. That’s a fuck pile of shit to land on you all at the same time.

:beers:sendin’ vibes your way man, really sad about your pup. Hope she does alright!


Appreciate the sympathy, for real.

So things are already looking a lot better for my dog as of this morning! Sounds like she’ll be ok, she did a 180 pretty much. I’m so fucking relieved, wasn’t sure if she was gonna make it for a bit. Still having her leg amputated, but she’ll live.

I also feel a lot better about blocking that girl, feel much more clear minded and like I can actually work on music again because I’m less stressed out.


I teared up a little over your post. I love dogs so much


waking up


Stumble upon…because I’ve come across ppl doing f’ed up stuff to themselves like excessive eating as a fetish.

Question if this disgusting shit exists…why isnt there more fit ppl porn

Idk I don’t think that the normalization of all these weirdly super specific fetishes like being into hairy armpits is a good thing.

But instead a stupid algorithm throws disgusting shit in my direction that I dont like seeing.

Exercise, and normies are sexy.


falling down my entryway stairs. i live on the second floor. no i am not luka.
14 narrow steps. i was knocked out,not sure for how long,but when i came to,i do remember crawling upstairs.
when i woke up the next day,i went to the bathroom,looked in the mirror,and to my horror,the entire left side of my head and face was caked with dry blood,
now i have multiple tbi,hitting my head is my biggest fear!anyway,broke my nose,cracked 8 ribs,damaged my left ear,and gashed my head. man that hurt for 2 i have to go for an mri soon.sadly i have been super dizzy,and clearly did some more drain bamage. bad year this year! never had blood come out of my ear before.


Ouch dude, really sorry to read this. I hope the quacks get it sorted asap and you have a full recovery.


oof, sorry to hear that Rixter. :frowning: I wish you a speedy recovery.
Also @StrayMedicine sending good thoughts to your pup. Mine is missing a front leg, but he has been missing it since shortly after he was born. Dogs adapt pretty well to it thankfully, so here is to hoping your 3 legged friend will be happy and fit for many years to come!


@Rixtr I hope you recover quickly and don’t have to deal with too much pain from your injuries… that sounds traumatic as hell.

I appreciate the kind words, she’s been doing much better!


I don’t read this thread because it sucks (too negative for my tastes), but that was pretty funny.

I’m crying like an anime fan on prom night.

I’m also procrastinating…


@Rixtr Dude! Be careful! :scream:

Hope you ar3 feeling better soon… falling like that can really stick with you for a long time.


So glad to hear your pup is going to make it… @StrayMedicine

I had a dog :dog2: long ago, hit by a car and broke her hind leg to where she always had a limp… when people would give her sympathy she would walk on three legs to really milk it. She was a master manipulator and an amazing escape artist.


Thanks it is taking quite awhile.