Things that piss you off the most


Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all…type garbage…

Is it me or nowadays does it seem like some people compete against each other on whose values and ethical code are purest?

I’m not saying everyone joining the fight for equality is an egomaniac…nor am I invalidating the whole cause i’m just pointing out the possibility that just a certain percentage (a select few) are…in it to satisfy their own ego or achieve some goal that serves that end.

To me it’s only logical that a real egalitarian would be an eco friendly humanist despite the fact that the world is obviously partly darwinian to some degree…I say partly cause there are some things beyond human understanding.


I hate that I hate having a low battery in any situation


I wanna make some tune core outta the high frequency dog whistle noise that is tinninitus…

Either that or I’m hearing the 5g mobile wifi network.

I mean frequency and waveforms has gotta be how the 5g works…

Science magic bro…

A spinning fuck o’cil of pansexual velociraptors with cocksabers…

Why am I talking about pansexual velociraptors idk its a mystery Jurassic park movie + bloodhound gang…is my guess.


Cultural/ethnic appropriation…

You are not them let them be them and you do you. Dont try to be one of them cause you are not…just understand that and try to be understanding but at the same time dont shame yourself or others like you for being what you are and for not being one of them…dont go there dont even try…its idiotic and ridiculuous…

They can think and speak for themselves let them decide what to do and who they like…and all that stuff.

You and they both talk shit…its just shit talking…and shitty shit talking is meaningless.

Edit…more of reminder to myself.


I know that feeling
Just watch dis :DDDDDDD

It is always very difficult to quit bad habits, so difficult that you do not want to return.


The paradox of reality keeping it real will make a you a casualty of abnormal normality.

That line hit me hard right in the feels.

I should stfu.


When you find out at the end of your shift at 11pm that because of someone else’s fuck up, you have to stay an extra 50 mins when all you wanna do is go home and compose music. :rage:


How much Trump is dragging people along with his delusions of election fraud and conspiracy theories about how Biden’s a communist puppet. My dad’s even falling for this shit. Right wingers are showing their crazy now more than ever and it’s frustrating, and worrying when people you know are buying into it.


I do gotta say though seeing all the conservative tears in SD right now is fucking hilarious.


Insert abominable snowman figurehead representative of the trendy demogogary of said era.

I’m gonna talk about politics but use the term porn instead of politics.
porn = politics.

All discussions about porn lead to conflict where everyone thinks they are right and are owed what is due to them. With all the disinformation and information at your fingertips it is easy to become pornically radicalized under the right circumstances.

I mean it doesnt take much to radicalize a normal individual and turn them into a nut job. All it takes is some experiences that socially condition a person and the power of persuasion.

Porn is a vicious cycle where the Democrats and Republicans are both codependent but yet conflicting…to put it simply they feed off of each other…with porn you can talk about various conspiracy theories…and whose morally justified…or which vision is the right one.

But also power hungry opportunists are common to both sides…

my take on porn is that there is a lot of bullshit and blag of which it is impossible to discern who has the most practical policy in regards to porn.

To me 2020 pornically is the same as 2000 in some ways the only difference is social media and which tribe is going through what. I would talk more in depth about porn but porn is porn.

Besides all this talk about progressivism and the Neil strauss… and howe… who coined the fourth turning of American civilization cycles…is insufficient historical philosophical idea to describe it.

Being that everyone has all the information but nobody knows the whole picture.

My last point a democrat or a republican doesnt make a difference in a persons personal life. The average person is just fodder because any sense on being on the right side of history means virtually nothing…pornical ideology isnt fully indicative of an individuals character and unless you are apart of that circle…a person is not gonna get anything by jumping on the bandwagon.

I replaced the word politics with the word porn.


Well worded. I’m not a partisan at all and have always identified as an independent. Group mentality is a dangerous thing that makes people completely overlook things on a case-by-case basis and not listen to what people are actually saying… which is scary af. They always conflate it to something else on both sides.


Partisan = parmisan (like the cheese)

Refraining from using pornitical lingo cause pornical language is like a having a fat sausage in the face

Parmisan pornitics…bi parmisanship…both sides have attack dogs that behest the party line everytime theres an issue. But yeah they want asses in the voting booth

To me parmisanship is somewhat of a slippery slope which can lead to fubar situations.


that time i was already having a bad day and someone didn’t care how i felt


UK out of Europe … i just don’t believe it


I was smarter when I was younger… but I know more now.

Pisses me off that I’m not smart enough anymore to use all of the great knowledge I’ve obtained over the years.

When I was younger I didn’t know enough to put my smarts to good use.

Doesn’t seem fair… that pisses me off… a lot :persevere:


That is normal. I read a psychology article about it…
It was something like that over age existing neurons adapt to process more information at once while others die out. Regions of hippocampus get therefore denser.

I guess that because weed shrinks the same area it also makes the brain slower/older.


Throw enough bullshit and blag, with shitty experiences, it is enough to radicalize a person to extremism.

Dont let some assclown…fuck up your world perception/vibes. No fool shouldnt be reason why a person loses their capacity to be reasonable.

Normal people dont destroy other people over bullshit things.


.ygkz extensions


so i been severely ill since the middle of january. been to the hospital 3-4 times just this month.
luckly its not covid.but man i was sick. i have lost so much weight none of you would recogzie me.
and sadly not been able to play my new gear.keystep pro a new guitar wich is on backorder till march 12.

sustainer in the bridge texas special in the middle and a jb junior humbucker in the bridge.


Glad you’re getting better Rixtr