Things that piss you off the most


That looks like a sweet guitar man, let us know how it plays when you get it. :slight_smile:


when you want a warm bath and you get all ready but then the hot water runs out and its just lukewarm… ouch


A cop gave me a ticket mistakenly for ‘obstructing the snow plow’. My car was parked in my driveway. My dipshit neighbor obstructed the plow, I later moved my car after 45 min of shoveling to clear my driveway, my neighbor moved his car, and a cop gave me the ticket instead of my stupid neighbor. I’m about to go to the cop shop and make the beginning of this dude’s shift at least a little annoying in about an hour lol.
Seems like it’s an honest mistake but I don’t really feel like paying $50 for something that someone else did.

Also the cop wrote ‘2022’ under the year lol


He’s comin’ back for ya :smiley:


Havent watched political news in weeks cause both sides are just bullying each other at this point.

I feel better having cut out politics from my life.

I still have residual thought garbage from the past few years though. It’s a process.


Turn on the tv…to get sports update…

Then they talk politics and social issues on the sports channel…I turn off the tv.

At this rate I might just get rid of cable and watch DVDs and read books.

I’m pissed off about feeling pissed off…why are all these things trying to make me angry…hulk smash…


Well yeah, if you’re not addicted to the stress of hearing about bad shit you can’t do anything about, how on earth are you going to come back for more?


People that make video content.


Coworker has been giving me shit. So I recommended to my boss that he punish both me and my coworker for not getting along. Because that’s the fair thing to do.

Besides I avoid the whole bullshit of moral high ground and the whole people using what’s fair arguement and ppl taking advantage of the situation by throwing a fucking tantrum to get their way.

It’s like kindergarden/high school…and bullies in schoolyard at recess.

Also peer pressure, relational aggression, and self esteem issues are still a thing as adults.

Fucking seriously.


Hi, totally agree with you, it is so realistic and hilarious


If things like WRT…white replacement theory is seriously considered to be an actual issue…

I’m just like wtf are you smoking to believe this garbage.

Things have gotten dumber. Good thing I no longer follow besides no one wants to hear rants about bullshit…

Some people get along and some dont.

But From what I learned so far from reading baldwin so far.

Hate begets hate.

it’s like playing a guessing game to find out who likes you.

And always be on your toes. Cause various reasons.

Just a short summary but it doesnt do baldwin justice because they fail to capture the intricacies of baldwin’s reflections.

Idk people have different standards for what is and what isnt.

I’m just like if we cool, we cool, if your gonna play games w/me then fuck off, if you dont like me and I dont like you, ok, leave me be and I’ll mind my business and leave you be.