Things that piss you off the most


Manchester NH ? hell that would be cool!


I grew up in Pelham and Hudson. Lived in Nashua for a few years before moving to California… that was 1979.

I have family in Weare, Pittsfield, Barnstead, Exeter, etc… yeah… my roots are in the “Live Free or Die” state.

Hope you are recovered from that nasty fall you had a while back…


Misinformation cause gotta do work to find out what is truth…fml

And when equality is used as an excuse by some to bully what would otherwise be reasonable people that would most likely be on the same side as them.


Most politicians of the Republican party are trumps prison bitch…

Ffs have some independent thoughts…


Also stupidity example I heard LeBron James being called a racist…

Does he have bias like everyone else? yes…
Do I have bias? yes
Does bias mean racist? not necessarily…
Do I agree with everything he does? no
Is he a good bbal player? no denying it

Free country free speech he can do what he wants

Some people may think he’s an asshole…but some people also think that I’m an asshole…so…

Why the fuck should I care if LeBron James calls me cracker chad…or whatever

He’ll probably hate me if I hate him…
Cause hate begets hate…
I mean there are no obligations to like each other…

But also Nice begets nice…
Being nice and respectful to people you don’t like is part of adulting…

So LeBron James can be biased towards me, doesn’t have to like or give a fuck about my existence…but he most likely will be adulting like me if we ever cross paths…which will never happen but whateves…

Also Republicans I had better hopes for ye…Abraham Lincoln 2024…fuck sigh…shame facepalm…

To quote tropic thunder…Never go full retard.

Going Full retard…going into a 711 and bitching about systemic capitalistic oppression all because I don’t feel like coughing up 20bucks for a six pack of coors light and would rather have beer for free…as opposed to paying for it like functioning member of society.


This guy is right. Many employers rely on the fact that people need jobs and just do the minimum and then expect the employee to do the maximum.


How these covid measures completely fucked the business that I spent the last 5 years busting my ass to create, hard to not feel sore about it as here I am with nothing and homelessness being a looming threat… all thanks to measures that did more harm than good anyway (at least here in the UK it be so)

the amount of good times I put off because I thought all that work would eventually pay off… I guess lesson learned is don’t live for tomorrow as it may not be there.


Don get me wrong I just like simple things like women with a big booty and big titties, ice T’s wife coco austin is a perfect example.

But people like armie hammer and his whole debacle make me go what in the fuck is wrong with you. Its totally disgusting and really fucked up. I wish i had mental bleach.

Wtf is wrong with people. The world is fucked.


Chip shops that use a pun on the word ‘plaice’ in their name but don’t actually sell it.


They should make sugar and salt more different, I accidently sugared my steak dinner and as I’m eating I was like wtf why is it sweet …ffuffufufufufu


Disney+ streaming service on PS4. I can’t not watch it because it has Mandalorian and Good Simpsons, but the interface is so not intuitive. Sometimes I’ll be using it and thinking “oh my god, how in 2021 can a streaming service’s interface be this broken?”

Here’s an example of what I mean: In most video streaming services, y’know how there’s that intermediate screen between picking the tv series and watching it? Where you select the episode or choose to resume where you left off? Disney+ doesn’t have it. If you wanna go back to a previous episode you have to 1) exit the episode you’re on 2) search for the show that you’re already watching and 3) then you get an episode list. Really? C’mon disney how could you fuck something like this up so badly?

EDIT: Haha, yeah this is the very definition of what Louis CK calls a “first world problem” :stuck_out_tongue:


Screen share your phone to your TV and watch mandolorian that way.


Man this is fucking stressing me out…

Feeling a bit low, not having seen friends in weeks, needing to see them, and then you’ve arranged to chill, and he’s on his way, and then he get’s hit by a car and airlifted to hospital with serious spinal and neck injuries.

And you know what, it happens right down the fucking road from me.

Just tonight.

I don’t even know why I’m fucking posting this here. Maybe it will make me feel better, maybe I’m looking for some form of sympathy.

When I was a kid, my cat got lost somewhere. Me and my mum printed hundreds of posters and put them on every lamppost in the area.

A woman finds the cat, she says with paint dried on her face. So she phones the RSPCA, and they collect our Gracie.

You know fucking what? They can’t find who she belongs to so they dump her on the same street they picked her up from.

Just to top it all off, a neighbour who saw the sign informs us that her body is out on the road, just up a bit, across from our house.


Holy crackers, sorry to read this dude. That is not going to be a fast recovery but I hope he makes it.


I just fucking hope he doesn’t end up paralysed.

He’s an adventurer, that would utterly destroy him.


Sending you and he nothing but good vibes man.


god dammit buddy, that’s so fucking heavy. I hope your friend is alright ! ! arg, that sounds like a ton of recovery/physical therapy. Who knew that’d happen though? Hopefully you don’t bear the weight of that decision to hang out at that specific time and date. Chaos theory says fuck you, it could happen to any one at any time. sending positive vibes your way :beers:


He’s out of the coma, however he’s very confused, can’t remember where he is or where other people are, and talks nonsense.

Really hoping it’s just temporary amnesia/cognitive impairment, but these things can take months to heal if they are going to.

I appreciate you saying that. Fortunately I don’t tend to worry about that sort of thing, can see how others might blame themselves though – it’s funny how people can feel responsible for intermediary events that don’t in of themselves lead to something bad, like a lot of people don’t emotionally differentiate this.


I’m drunk.

Not directed at anyone on the boards.

Ppl who try to sell themselves as mind readers…no one has psychic powers…they don’t speak for me.

Diplomats on the other hand I don’t have a problem with because Diplomats don’t assume they interpret.

Also Ive noticed that sometimes when Ppl call other ppl crazy those ppl(who arent doctors) are sorta stupid. Think about it and I’m not talking about ppl who call the ppl that talk about flying bisexual space lizard elitists running the world, crazy…
I’m talking about ignorance and lack of comprehension.

Blah rabble rabble rabble I’m drunk.


@psyber so sorry to hear about your friend… hope he’s coming around as time heals…

He’s the lucky one… maybe… a fellow worker died a week ago Friday… crossing with the traffic light at the crack of dawn… a van ran the light at high speed.

He had a wife and two boys ages 4 & 6 … I walk over the spot where he died several times a day… really sad :disappointed: … can’t shake it …


@1roomstudio – fortunately he has come around much more. He’s suffering some cognitive and short-term memory problems, along with constant headaches, and cannot move one side of his face properly – but he’s otherwise doing OK now.

That’s a tragedy! I’m sorry to hear about that.

This is just another reason why self-driving cars will a good thing – at the very least AI-assisted driving that will prevent these things from happening.

I could relate – the spot where it happened is en route to the bus stop. Not so much now he’s more or less OK.