Things that piss you off the most


Post things that make you pissed or maybe even things you piss on, either one works

…When the speed limit is clearly 60, yet old fuckers insist on going 35 after cutting you off. Passive aggressive pieces of shit


The color-fade effect when opening a topic in this new-fangled forum. Also on the right when replying to a post------->
Could we make it maybe twice as fast? or a different color that is closer to the background color so it does not take foreeeeeever to start reading the post you want to see? Also, seriously, reply to this and view the text on the right, it will give you eye cancer.


It always irritates me when people overtake you just to slow back down because they just don’t like people being in front of them.


Yeah, I’m honestly not even offended by someone who’s going to cut me off and just fucking punch it - go ahead, speed racer. Passive aggression makes me want to get regular aggressive on their booty


A cold shower in the winter time


I can’t function in the winter if I don’t start the day with a hot shower that leaves the bathroom like a steam room for the 15-20 minutes it takes me to get ready afterwards.


having to look at facebook during “the great blackout of 2018”


next time shoot their tires


Sounds like the true way to stand yer ground!


Someone stole our tip jar.

Me and the workmate spent a good ten minutes trying to narrow down who it might have been among the five people who walked in this very quiet day.

We don’t know. We just don’t know.

Also… cat hurt a front paw again. Keeping him indoors when he fucks himself up like that is a real pain in the ass. The whining…ffff


fuck em all up, all five of them. guaranteed to get your point across.


UK Child mental health services ! I’ll leave it at that :tired_face:


Honestly, twice as fast would still be VERY slow. Well done on putting a new site together, but guys that piece of design is… odd to say the least.

EDIT: Talking about the fade-in thing, but yeah, the orange text on orange background too. It’s unreadable.

Feedback and help from the community

The fade-in thing might be buried in a place we don’t have the skill to edit.

The orange text isn’t my favorite, we were trying to emulate the color scheme of the old site. Even though I can access that, I don’t want to change it until I run it by the team. We do have an official thread going for suggestions on the site design.

Things are just going to be slow. We’ve got four cooks in one kitchen and all of us are talking most changes and additions through instead of the alternative of a lot of doing/undoing/redoing.

EDIT: Just took the orange text issue to the back room.


Trying to get something out of your front pocket whilst driving, FFS, rip that fuckin pocket open, drop my phone, drop all my coins, phone stops ringing, who was it?? how dare you overtake me Mr Cocky Knobhead, ruin my day.
Next time i shall put my phone / coins somewhere else, but i wont will I. :disappointed_relieved:


i can’t buy a pre-sale Slayer final tour concert ticket without paying an extra $40 for a special fan package deal. I mean, i get that it is most likely a deterrent for scalpers to scoop up all of the prime seats before the actual tickets go on sale…but fuck…if i miss out on this concert because of those assclowns, i’ll be miffed, possibly even full blown pissed.


I might be the odd one out but I actually like the orange text. :):grinning: Just in case the other side needs a point. I also like the fade in. ducks Seriously, I think its nice.


I don’t mean the general orange text on the grey background, that’s fine. And I like that it has the good old colour scheme.

If I see the thing I’m talking about again maybe I’ll try to screengrab :wink:


Right on. All suggestions are welcome <3 A screen grab is useful with the new format.


pretty sure my fuckin’ virus TI snow died, or my DAW is fucked up… or my firestudio is… idk. Tried to record some lines today and nothing but static ridden distortion on every key press and glitched out mayhem in my DAW, causing it to not have any input or recording.


I’m sick of hardsynths. i wanna go back to softsynths where I can layer like 30 of them in a project file and not actually pre-record all this shit prior to editing.