Things that piss you off the most


Sad day today…


There’s an app for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol…pfft :yum:


Imo if your synths are done for like you say I’d recycle them if i where you and proceed to use whatever leftover working parts for some diy builds or circuit bend them shits and record/sample the resulting sounds, but hey its your call…and it’s your gear that you spent your hard earned money on so…all I say weigh your options carefully


Definitely circuit bend them


When you find an album, and love it so much at a certain time in your life… and that time goes to shit… and that entire album is completely ruined now by bad memories and vibes that return every time you listened to it.

“Gore” by Deftones is that album for me… was going through such a rough time on it’s release and whenever it comes on it’s immediate anxiety and panic. Fuck.

I think I literally subconsciously figured out how to channel bad vibes into music and then discard it.

Which kind of sucks because there’s a lot of good music I ruin by listening to it too much at a certain time.



Oooooh an isolated mystery keep me updated


that moment when you think you’re really done with a track and finally decide to listen to it after final bounce only to notice some weird click or pop around 2:22 so you need to go back into this forsaken project and try to find wtf is this. Or you bounce with one layer muted then think why everything sounds so wrong all the suddenly.


When you are stuck at work for another six hours, but you get the email that your new gear has been delivered :frowning:


heart beat intensifies
time slows down

maddening, I hate that man. Been there. Haha, drink a lot of coffee. :slight_smile:


Stop buying things, problem solved.

Seriously, digital content doesn’t have this problem. Yet another reason to go ITB! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m actually back to all ITB these days. But having been an FL Studio user since version 7 I had to give the Akai Fire controller for FL Studio a go : )

Though my experience with going back in the box was: get a new laptop, get DAW + 3rd party software installed, write an EP. HDD failure and I loose everything. Just recently got it all back and running lol. TBF though should I be surprised the HDD failed in a $600 HP? lamo.

@nostromer, can I drink water or tea instead? Coffee doesn’t get along with me lol.


Man, I had an HDD fail in a similarly priced HP laptop a few years back… yeesh. HPs are awful.


I have to say, as far as HPs go this one has been great except a brand new HDD failing before a year in. I just always take it in the ass and pay for 1 year of Geek Squad when I get a new lappy at Best Buy so at least the repair was free.


I have an hp from 2011 and it still runs smoothly but I mainly use it for music I don’t really surf the Web as much as I used to though also they probably make the newer models have a finite shelf life so that your forced to upgrade like they do with the smartphones in order for the business to maintain a healthy profit margin, that and technological progress to a degree…



just bag it and dispose of it



When you order CDs from Amazon and the company has a 97% approval rate, yet they still fail to deliver your goods. Going back through reviews, you see this is actually how they do business and all of the positive reviews are fake.

I’m looking at you Marvelio.

Avoid those asshats.


Clogged ketchup bottles and sticky counters


Everything is gonna get fucked up due to the strain of providing sufficient resources to the population it’ll be like feudalism all over again


I always feel so good going back to albums like these because I feel so happy with my life now that the memory just gets transformed into something positive. Then repeat listens just reinforce this or something, which almost doesn’t make sense at all