Things that piss you off the most


people that microwave fish at work at 8AM in the morning

the fuck seriously


Some gendersex philosophy being used to justify complaining about minut shit, from both men and women because some if it just goes around in circles expressing annoyances over things that aren’t really that serious like complaining about a delivery guy saying hello, or someone hating on women because the women doesn’t like the person, it’s a shit show, if the person uses it justify their gripes about first world problems then either consider switching teams, going solo, or getting some therapy, no reason can justify hating on a whole group of people, the only things a person should be judged by is their character and their actions


I just keep it simple by hating everybody and myself equally so I don’t have to remember anything fancy


Totes a boat everyone has to deal with bullshit, meh


fuck. changed blood pressure medications, my doctor put me on a beta-blocker.

LITTLE DID I KNOW these little fuckers apparently block adrenaline and disrupt the melatonin process in the brain. Worst fucking night of insomnia of all time. I slept barely 2 hours, and i’m wired with a zombie body.

so fuckin’ pissed right now

and my 2 hours gave me dreams of lighting myself on fire with gasoline, which was kind of a highlight all things considered, but jesus fuck fuck this.


I’ve yet to come across a single person irl that wholley believes in the generation snowflake stuff, I find that some of it is highly self-serving and hypocritical despite claims of being woke af, relatively speaking its kinda being used to unecessarily oppress reasonable people that don’t veer to the extremes, in the name of what ideals, getting militant over minutia is ridiculous being that one expects the world to conform to them when in reality it’s the other way around…no one is pure…everyone has flaws…grow a thick skin and deal…


p r e a c h , brotha. I feel the same way. Internet culture has blown it up too, allowing small groups to rally into keyboard armies of people with opinions that they’d likely never express IRL.


The time between work shifts means i would have got 3 hours sleep. Then a fight kicks off on the bus and we all have to sit there and wait for police and paramedics to do their thing. Now i get 2 hours sleep!
Fucking cunts!


I’m not pissed about this, but because of the 500k dislikes it’s obtained, I think placing this video in this thread is a good fit

I get it, men attacking woman and bullying is deplorable. That’s not something that can not be argued and shouldn’t.

This whole idea of attacking this “toxic masculinity” is not the answer. I have not seen an exact definition of what “toxic masculinity” is, and rather I just see it used as a medium to attack a group of people based on things out of their control (gender). This idea of “toxic masculinity” is a new idea, so it makes me wonder how Europe was able to be freed from Nazi control before “toxic masculinity”. Same goes for all of the Revolutions countries have gone through, same with the creation of the American constitution that has all shaped the world to what it is today. To say everything is perfect is a false statement, but I promise you the world at this very moment, is the best possible world humans have experienced yet.

I have also dated women in the past who are incredibly violent and thought it was acceptable to hit, kick, scream, and bully me just to get what they want. One even threw a large kitchen knife at me. I’ve also dated women that would shame me if I wasn’t in the mood for sex. It was some how an issue with me, or it was because I didn’t care for them or something along those lines and the rest of the day would be ruined.

Instead of just blaming one group of people based on a physical attribute, this should rather be aimed at “toxic human behavior”

Also showing a media clip from The Young Turks is a clear indication to what side of the isle this is coming from.

Just a thought from an observer


preach, I totally agree with everything you said. Marginalization of this “toxic masculinity” is putting the near majority of males in a really frustrating disposition.

I’ve been bullied as fuck, personally attacked, and belittled by women… never returned it… but many men do the same to women.

it should be rephrased to “toxic humanity” - humans are dicks to each other, all the time. There’s a lot of fucked up dudes and fucked up chicks. I’ve seen chicks selling fake positive pregnancy tests… I’ve been witness to all the reports of men raping and stalking women… “nice guys” “nice girls” etc. etc.

Plenty of men who are falsely accused of rape accusations and given the full penalty of law without due trial. Plenty of men who have raped women and have gotten away with it, also.

I don’t roll with picking sides but this definitely isn’t equality, if that’s what this facade is trying to mask itself as.


Thank you for bringing more info to the conversation. When I was in the Navy, I took leave to visit family and friends back home for a week before going out to sea. I met a chick and we hooked up for that week. I eventually went back to Norfolk (my naval base at the time) and the ship was getting ready to leave. Right before we left that girl I had hooked up with set me a picture of a positive pregnancy test. She told me it was mine and she was going to keep it. Soon after we went out to sea for a month, and that whole time you are essentially cut off from the rest of the world so I didn’t get an extra info. I was pretty emotionally distraught and it really torn by negative feelings the entire time. Eventually I found out that it was a lie but what I was feeling was real.

I’m taking a leap here and guessing you might be like me and get quite when being bullied or just outright leave. well I couldn’t do that with my ex’s because it would just make the situation worse. I eventually would just squeeze something really hard when I get in those situations (like keys or something in my pocket) because I was basically trapped and couldn’t do anything.


Personally I never felt marginalized by any discussion of toxic masculinity. I don’t see why one would feel that way unless one resembled those negative traits in some way.

Maybe I have not heard and read the right people, but the discussions Ive read and heard arent saying men are terrible because they are men. Frankly, that sounds like a gross oversimplification.


I’ve been to a few gay nightclubs because someone invited me to go and had dudes hit on me, and aggressively approach me even after I told them no, and I just brushed it off didn’t think anything off it since it wasn’t the end or be of all existence it was eye opening yeah but not such a big deal since we where all consenting adults and knew what we have signed up for…I’ve also had a women accuse me of shit and gaslight me because she couldn’t take the humiliation of me rejecting her, but hey some people are just they way they are it comes with the territory…


So essentially what you are saying is that because I don’t agree with this… than I am part of the problem. That’s really nice.

You just exhibited the exact reason for state of politics being where it is today. Good job.


No. I am just honestly curious why you feel marginalized by the toxic masculinity discussion. From what you’ve said previously I wouldnt suspect you to be a “toxic” bro dude (to speak briefly), so why do you feel that way? Doesnt seem the conversation is about you.


In bold, that is a perfect definition of toxic masculinity AFAIK. It is the idea that men should be sexually aggressive or violent and that violence (bullying–physical or mental), that both of these are a good way to interact with people and assert your manliness.

I don’t do a lot of social media or reddit or anything, but I really don’t often see toxic masculinity used as a broad stroke to say “men are bad”. Not often as in almost never.


I have a few issues with this idea.

“Toxic masculinity” is not defined. If I ran a poll asking different people what is toxic masculinity, more likely then not the answer I will get would be all over the place.

Because toxic masculinity is not clearly defined, it can and has been used by politians and other folks to shut men down in conversations or to dismiss men all together instead of engaging in debate. It shut conversations down.

My other issue with it, is that this idea of “toxic masculinity” is it focuses on one group of people based on physical traits. I have life long examples of dating woman who have gotten physical towards me and I didn’t retaliate.

The issue isn’t “toxic masculinity” the issue is “toxic human behavior” doesn’t matter what’s between your legs. You are either a peice of shit who attacks other people or you are not.

My last issue is that these men who have “toxic masculinity” (still an undefinable term atm) are the same men who fought battles that made the west what it is today. Cars, trains, computers, airplanes, video games, civilization, and freedom has been built and maintained in large part by men. Toxic masculinity wasn’t used back then, it’s a new concept.

I’m not in any way dismissing abhorrent acts done by men. Rape, assault, murder. We all agree that these are bad.


After this I’ll just agree to disagree, but…

  1. Toxic masculinity has certainly been defined. I partially defined it for you. Pretty clearly defined here.

I don’t disagree some people probably use it w/o bothering to define it and probably have used it shut down debates.

  1. If you poll the general public about most things I think you’ll get a wide range of answers. I’m not sure 100%. The circles I run in, I think we all have a consensus on a definition more or less.

3/4 Yep. It focuses on physical traits, like many such categorizations. It does so because it is a about a belief system passed down from one penis having person to another penis having person and tells that penis having person how to behave if that want to be worthy of that penis. Frankly, toxic masculinity is just as damaging to men as it is to women–granted, we haven’t had enough discussion about how it negatively affects men in the public eye, but we are talking about it in academia. And yes, anyone can be a piece of shit and do terrible things–toxic masculinity isn’t a concept that says men are violent because they have a penis, it just explains why some men engage in these kinds of physical and mental violence.

  1. Just because toxic masculinity didn’t have name doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. It is a set of traits and actions that society agreed on that “made a man a man”. Women are perfectly capable of perpetuating toxic masculinity. A mother telling her young male child that “boys don’t cry” or “men don’t cry” is perpetuating toxic masculinity–do we talk about this enough in the general public, no perhaps not.

Just because all those talented men did all that good stuff for society doesn’t mean they weren’t capable of that kind of violence. In fact, many talented geniuses of all genders are terrible people right? Seems like a trend, generally speaking. I’m just really not understanding your argument there.

And toxic masculinity isn’t just about violence against women. It also constitutes violence against men. There is all kinds of harmful stuff on the side of men. The mocking of male nurses or teachers for doing a woman’s job is toxic masculinity. Telling a little boy who wants to play with barbies “boys play with trucks” is toxic masculinity.

I’ll give some leeway on most of your points, but just because a career politician uses it as a shut down or the people you argue with on the internet use it to paint broad strokes about male violence and dominance doesn’t mean it isn’t defined. People are just making choices to use it a certain way.

Toxic masculinity was the OED word of the year for 2018. I mention this because for me this makes it basically pop culture and not academic in anyway. Though not named toxic masculinity, the concept has been around longer than the popularization of the term.

I can see why you have some issues with the popular culture oversimplification, it is a well defined and and sound theory that describes why some men act a certain way. I’m sure there are equivalent theories about women.


I will just finish with this. I feel personally attacked because I love and enjoy violence from time to time.

Mosh pits at a death metal show

An elevated conversation in a chat room before a rousing game of COD, or any first person shooter.

First person shooters in general

Death metal or any kind of metal

Punk bands where the singer will literally shit on the floor and throw it at a crowd

MMA, boxing, football

These are just a few of some of the things that are viewed as products of toxic masculinity. Male agression is what is viewed as barbaric. I have the feeling that if I shared my love of violence I would be labeled under “toxic masculinity”


I have a good in depth response to this, but alas, it’s bed time for nostromer. I’ll hit this up in the AM.

Until then, just throwing out some food for thought… This toxic shit does go both ways. Here’s an interesting read on toxic femininity.