Things that piss you off the most


I haven’t shaved with a razor in almost 30 years, and I’ve never used a Gillette product, to my knowledge. Does this commercial still apply to me? If so, how do?


It’s your money spend it how ever you feel. I maybe don’t understand the question


people are idiots. the gillette bullshit is just another case of extreme marketing, and everybody is falling for it like little puppets.
does anybody really believe that they actually give a shit about the so called “cause”?


They are targeting a certain market. There are better ways to get people to buy your product. If you don’t believe me watch a Tylenol add. They are alienating people and promoting a divisive idea in an attempt to make money.


I knew a kid that played with barbies, he was gay really but that was his nature and that’s fine, as for boys not crying it’s because men are expendable traditionally speaking, as far as the other stuff concerning societal roles, social expectations and and this philosophy asserting who ideally should maintain dominance in a relationship kinda ignores that people are a spectrum of personality traits but it’s funny seeing this trend of the intfjp garbage because the hip thing to do is to make people into robots


That was a great, level headed argument. This all can be boiled down to toxic human behavior IMO, like I have said many times. I do have hope about this debate because how do you expect to win a gender war, when everyone is sleeping with the enemy? am I right?

I do like how he explains the west moving from toxic masculinity to toxic femininity. Explaining the raise in suicides. I take the more progressive path however, and say that its not toxic boy traits or toxic girl traits… It is toxic human traits because we are all people on a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions




Where is God when we need him most? Clutches pearls


Limp bizkit did it all for the nookie :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the prelude to that? “Hey guys, open up your mouths!”?


Rap nu metal dubstep


Hyrbid genres ftw


The turkish knick player Kanter is in trouble for criticizing the govt, honestly the knick player isn’t smart because the govt could mess with his relatives living in Turkey just goes to show the world we live in.


The only Government approved Toxic Masculinity free music is limited to K-pop and Nickleback, now go enjoy your life


I honestly care more about having regular bowel movements than reading thesises about stuff such as the red pill or toxic masculinity because shit is serious if one doesn’t clean their system regularly one person can get constipated and be full of shit, which can also lead to hemorrhoids because one would be trying to hard to push it out and clean their system, its why I drink prune juice on a semi regular basis


Fortnite. We’ve reached a new low I never thought possible.


My motto is “When they go low, I go lower.” Works like a charm.


Kick 'em when they’re down is my second motto.


So this is just the totally random post thread now?


That depends, would that piss you off the most? :smiling_imp:


I don’t really get pissed off by anything on the internet…and considering I can nuke whatever I want on the forum…nah ;p lmao