Things that piss you off the most


Haha, you strike me as a very chill guy, I was just half-trolling :stuck_out_tongue:

on topic though:

fuckin’ ska music. Holy shit. I literally will get violent if that shit goes on when I’m around, it’s worse than pop-country…

like seriously get outta here with that fucking aquabats bowling for soup fucking trombone bullshit AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

that’s my rant everyone thanks for listening ole’ nostromer triggered himself again


No, thank you. I think I might link this to the what do I owe my happiness to today thread.


like proper Ska or like Goldfinger and Real Big Fish?


Real ska sounds like people trying to trick themselves into being happy, but really they’re just depressed all the time


I mean… all of it, i guess?

it’s like mormons doing punk music after band class


I don’t know much about it, but like, legit Ska isn’t really punk music. I know of it because I’m fascinated by Jamaican music in general–mostly Dub as it has influenced electronic music so much. But my memory is poor so I can’t point you at anything lol.


For true. Original ska has more to do with early blues and R&B interpreted through traditional Jamacian culture, and was definitely the root of reggae.

2Tone originated in England in the 70s and was the mashup of ska and punk - Madness, The Specials, etc. All that ‘third wave’ Bosstones shit that came around in the '90s was a revival of that.

Basically, Goldfinger has as much to do with early Ska as Metallica has to do with Eric Clapton…they’re both playing electric guitars?


Oh jfc dude…the heyday of American punk/ska was around when I was in high school. SO many douche nozzles at my school loved that crap. I mean, there are probably a couple of those songs I’d enjoy for nostalgia reasons, but that is about it.

That being said, I like shit like Taking Back Sunday and Thursday so wtf do I know…lmao


lol I feel ya. I was actually living in the Bay Area when a lot of that stuff was popular, and they were booking ska bands 4 nights out of the week at places like Gilman and Bottom of the Hill. You couldn’t go listen to live music without tripping over someone with a fucking pork pie hat and checkered shoes. I don’t miss it.

And I know you can do this for lots and lots of music/genres, but I sometimes scratch my head and wonder how you get from A to B with this shit.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


refering to the conversation on ska


The thought of me even clicking that gets me depressed and homicidal at the same time… :confused:


…But on the other hand, it’s just measles


No, son. That’s Darwinism.


I think it should stay this way for a bit to make sure al lthe people who may not have been back yet to notice that the board is the same community. If we’re gonna add lens flare that’d be cool too. Hey man, JJ did it in a bunch of shit.


Here’s a thing that really pisses me off. Have any of you worked temp jobs? Here in the U.S., you go to a temp agency and they send you to an assignment. You meet your supervisor, or someone that can at least show you the job, and you get settled in. I have worked recently two jobs, both of which lasted eight and five months, respectively. While sitting in my car one night, I get a call from my temp agency telling me my assignment has ended. No hint of this from my co-workers, supervisors, or bosses. They just end the relationship this way. It gets fucking old.

It’s like working with sociopaths.


I worked for a temp agency only once, shit was really weird, but worked out OK - for a different weird reason

It was for musiciansfriend - the gear company. I get hired through a temp agency, and I’m sitting in the orientation

“Alright everyone, here’s all your benefits, your PTO, our policies… oh yeah and if you were hired through Aerotek you are exempt from all of these for 90 days

After the orientation the hiring manager comes up to me “bro just quit aerotek and hire through us directly, we’ll get you in training next week”

And they did. The staffing agency wanted to pay me $2 less/hr and with 90 day withheld … everything. haha



Moolah it’s all about the moolah


Alright so i just found out that a guy I went to college with who was a Sikh died hiking in the desert with a group of friends, was a yogi, just got engaged, and he just went hiking and died because apparently he fell and hit his head on a rock and now he’s dead just like that…told me once that one vibration moves all things…not sure what to make of this he was not a friend of mine he was just an acquaintance…and compared to someone else I’ve meet in the past who as of now has disappeared somewhere in the jungles of loas I just don’t know…if anything it’s makes me wonder if the shit I care about right now is really worth it, if some asks holet wants to make fun of me for posting this I really don’t give a fuck, I don’t know all I can gather is that we just get a series of moments in the chemical soup that is reality and that the most valuable thing is how we chose to spend what we subjectively experience in our lifetime for all I know I could be walking the street and due to a series of random events in great chain reaction of cause and effect get clipped by a car…no need for consolation just posting my train of thought if you wanna call it fate or whatever that’s fine but things like this it just make me think otherwise in regards to the choices and actions and all that other stuff…even though I know that nature is neutral…


like this…?


200 dollar brake job turned into an 800 dollar magic carpet ride. But luckily, I managed to get most of the labor taken off (do not know how) and I’m getting new tires and a full brake job for close to 700. It’s not anything to be happy about but it’s better than the “deal” they had given me. Sucks having a late model car…