Things that piss you off the most


Reading a subreddit of redpill, and conversely a womens subreddit of girl game/dating playbook.

Ugh i cant.

For internet by internet.

So much nope on both sides…good luck.


Lex luthor felt the need to swing his big dick around by shitting on me…so i finally stood up for myself and gave him a reality check…after my reality check, he then threatened me…

Not gonna go into further details cause its so retarded.

For the record i was trying to be nice to lex luthor. That is all.


People who destroy each other.

Ugh. It is such. Oh well.


Oof, that sounds like a horrible situation, glad you got out of it. The service industry is just so F-d up anyways stateside. I wish you luck in finding something better, and soon!


Ouch . They sound like proper exploitative cunts.


Bots sure are getting wordy.


Oooooh I hate bosses like that. Give and inch and they take a mile. i know them feels all too well.


When i try to formulate new thoughts but i reread it and it reads like half retarded bullshit. Or i forget and post the same thoughts i had a month ago…and i forget that im repeating myself.


The stinking mess that Native Instruments makes of My Documents. Holy crap its not even slightly organised just a spray dump of all their different products everywhere.


I think this mass isolation from covid and politics has put many people into a solipsitic psycho den that is like some weird feeback loop comprised of social media, media, and real life fubarness.


Not anyone on idmf.
The whole imma dump on you so that other people like me better than they like you. Attitude

The thought of Me being a threat to some persons popularity…gtfo that is such a joke. I cant believe some people are actually like that and conduct themselves like that as adults.

Leggo the ego, man.

Feelings. One persons feelings is not more valid than anothers.

Respect each others feelings.


Political virtue signaling by politicians on both sides.

Bored of canada everything you do is a balloon.

Gotta walk the walk instead of talking the talk and a photo op.

Imma stop now cause i feel a rant.


When people give civil rights a bad name.


No use crying over spilled milk in regards to people playing cheap tricks on others.


The 48 laws of power piss me off…

When i see this and then i see a bunch of stuff from people about narcissists…i cant help but think there is a correlation…i mean seriously wtf…its like this shit creates a culture of assholes…

Unintentional consequences anyone…

Im not pissed off at its validity im more so pissed off at the unintentional consequences this may have when read by the wrong person.

Im not saying censorship…but fuck man at least put an ethical disclaimer.


This is for study only…is not meant for application…the study is moreso to increase awareness.

Real life application will make people want to fight you be wary.


I need to stop complaining about nonsense and unimportant things…

No one cares…even i dont care…

Still doing the media blackout. Trying to extend my blackout to social media too…

Cause i rant and rave on idmf way too much about bullshit.

I feel like im harming this forum by my having opinions about other people having opinions about peoples opinions on stuff…

Its like wtf am i doing…im just wasting my time engaging with this meaningless garbage.

Tbh i dont want to become like the new thom aka thomfingers arguing with people online over bullshit.

I came here for music…now i just shitpost about politics and social issues…and my insight is just a dime a dozen so yeah…i need to stop.


I know there’s some serious shit going on in the world lately, but


g u l p


Pooooh rumor has it

Oooooh rumor has it…


Amber heard vs Johnny Depp…

I have not been following…so that i dont write philosophical essays about garbage…

Lawyers leaked this shit too the press to try to win via court of public opinion…

I guess…fucked up behavior is not unique to one gender.


Shit music. And good music.

How to do either?