Things that piss you off the most


This isn’t an angry post but maybe this will help someone

When haters act like they speak for you they are only speaking for themselves. If others believe that the haters speak for you then those people aren’t worth your time anyway. Ditch the haters and their followers. Better yourself and move on.


The thing that pisses me off the most today is that the best things are often the worst for us, and we simply have a warped image of what things ought to be, and no longer appreciate life without those things.

Take drugs to feel good, bad for for you, distorted image of how we “should” feel. I have a friend that is adamant he’d be quite happy permanently tripping. Well, I doubt it, that’s basically Schizophrenia, and it ain’t pleasant.


Not really pissed off but it perplexes as to why I’m such a big deal to certain people…

Irony is I just see myself as a nobody.


Neuro linguistic programming…the most retarded idea ever…grow a pair and just be direct ffs.

Would rant about how stupid it is.

Summary thought control is dumb…because isn’t having thoughts to like stuff a normal response…

To me the whole thought control aspect of nlp is just fucking pathetic.


So I went to a Halloween party tonight. Despite the fact I’ve been kind of down. I show up and initially things seem ok. It’s mostly just me and my buddies and few people I don’t know. But then something weird happens–a ton of people start showing up at this party I was told was going to be kind of low key (20 people or less I was told) There was live music planned, so I guess I should have assumed more people would show up.

Before I know it though, there’s all these people around me I don’t really know and suddenly the band’s sound guy starts playing this shitty club music over the system. As if suddenly the party agreed on shitty club music (for context shitty club music is usually never played at my friend’s parties) Then I notice all of these people showing up are drinking. I think to myself uh oh

After their sound guy chose to play shitty club music over the system for like an hour, the band plays for like 20 mins, but then announce they are taking a break. Cue the shitty club music all over again.

At this point in the party I realize that nearly everybody has a drink in their hand, and people are starting to get stupid. Like shouting “woo!” and shit.

I realize at this point I sound like an incredible wet blanket. But here’s the thing–I have no problem with people at a party drinking, or maybe smoking a little weed, or maybe expanding their mind if you know what I mean and I think you do. Hell, I’m usually one of them. But this party was allllll about alcohol at this point.

And have you ever been to a party where nearly everyone’s sloppy drunk?? It’s appealing when you’re 21 but when you’re 36 it’s just like “why am I here? I do not like being a club, I do not like being around this drug, I do not like shitty club bands, I do not like them sam I am”

So I left. It was totally the wrong vibe for me. My friend will probably be pissed with me, but I shouldn’t really have to explain as a former world-heavyweight championship alkie I don’t need to be around that shit.


My (ex)friend’s fiance told him she was leaving him so he attacked her with a hammer and then tried to kill himself by jumping off an overpass and instead just ended up breaking both legs.

His life is fucked. I used to go on double dates with them and worked with them both. Crazy shit.


One of those posts where clicking ‘like’ feels wrong to express reasonable empathy. That’s messed up, sorry for everyone involved in that.


Yeah it’s nuts. It’s not one of those slow realizations that your “friend” is actually an asshole (I’m sure we’ve all been there) so it’s kind of weird.

His ex’s hands are totally fucked from deflecting blows to her head. The guy basically just ruined his life. I was talking shit to him last Monday as per the usual. That’s that I guess. Gonna send his ex a short positive text sometime later in the week.


Politics pissed me off.

Cause peer pressure into being one side or the other

And peer pressure for not being all equality enough

And peer pressure in blagging me with culture shitpoop.


In The effort to starve myself of politics…i have not been successful…because i go off everytime i see something in regards to political and social issues…



Can we have a policy like where all political posts get automatically edited…and the post becomes about gay bear porn or music memes.

Or someone dm dick photos everytime i talk about political or social issues.


Rejection logic.

The person doing the rejecting isnt the antichrist.
The person that gets rejected isnt human trash.

Most of the time.


It’s been a while… but … is it just me? Or did this thread used to be funnier? :man_shrugging:


As a not so active member * … I’ll try to fix that … anyway … it kind of seems like it to me.
The early posts in this thread are like “what’s with these idiots who don’t use turn signals?”
The recent posts seem to be really sad, scary depressing things like death and stuff. :worried:

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Reading a subreddit of redpill, and conversely a womens subreddit of girl game/dating playbook.

Ugh i cant.

For internet by internet.

So much nope on both sides…good luck.


I watched the Matrix today. Great Movie, even better than I remembered. I rented the sequel cause I’d never seen any of them. I got about 35 mins into the second one before I was overcome with thoughts:

-is… neo wearing a dress?

-what the fuck is this underground post-apocalyptic rave that looks like it’s about to break out into an orgy? didn’t they just say there’s an army of robots coming?

-These people were all saved, so…how long does it take to go from finding out the entire world as you know it is a lie and the real world is gone forever…to like, gyrating in a mass of half naked subterranean people? …to awful dated breakbeats?

-Why does the movie think I want to see Neo and Trinity make out like a couple of high schoolers every ten mins? I mean, this guy’s supposed to be the digital jesus or something right? Do you want to see Jesus’s awkward sexual teenage years? I don’t. He’d be an awesome guy for high school parties though–BOOM! Water into Bud Lite!

I actually had to stop the movie to let the level of stupid sink in and be filtered out of my brain. I may not be able to start it again.


Lex luthor felt the need to swing his big dick around by shitting on me…so i finally stood up for myself and gave him a reality check…after my reality check, he then threatened me…

Not gonna go into further details cause its so retarded.

For the record i was trying to be nice to lex luthor. That is all.


I got hired at a local applebees a little over a week ago. I told them before the hiring that I had to have three things happen:

a) I’m not working split shifts; my last two jobs were like that and I could never get my sleep cycle adjusted.
b) I need full time. I NEED it.
c) I need at least two days off per week, even if it has to be two non-consecutive days.

They agreed, and hired me.

I start there and within a few days I get my first schedule. It has split shifts and even after all the hours are added together, it’s not full time. I’m pissed when I realize that they pretty much backed out of 2 of the 3 things they told me would happen.

Then a couple days later, I look at my schedule, and noticed that, first weekend out, they took away one of my days off. Again, I was not pleased. They were now 0 for 3. I mean, I get that circumstances change when it comes to jobs, but this wasn’t change, this was them presenting one thing when it doesn’t match reality. I also asked around and was told that a lot of people there have been working 6 days a week for a long time, with no real end in sight, and yet no one’s making full time. I kept coming into work though because I needed the job, despite the fact that I’d be working just enough time to not have time for anything else while also not making enough money.

I came in today and was told “on fri/sat/sun you come in at 3:30 and stay for 5, 5 1/2 hours” I then asked “ok well how long do I have to work to qualify for a lunch break?” “6 hours, longer than you’ll be here those days” So yeah, on top of all that they backed out of, now I’d be working as long as I legally could without any real break 3 days a week. while working 6 days a week.

I quit tonight. Not even like rage quitting just more of a “I’ve thought about this every single way I can but I can’t get around the fact that If I can’t trust my employer, this isn’t going to work” feeling. I just said “I quit” and walked out. I’ve never done that at a job before, but I’ve never had an employer drop so many whoppers in my lap at a time they should be establishing trust.

But man I’m still pissed off about how this whole thing played out. IDK maybe I’m just a little bitch.


People who destroy each other.

Ugh. It is such. Oh well.


Oof, that sounds like a horrible situation, glad you got out of it. The service industry is just so F-d up anyways stateside. I wish you luck in finding something better, and soon!