Things that piss you off the most


Ouch . They sound like proper exploitative cunts.


Bots sure are getting wordy.


Oooooh I hate bosses like that. Give and inch and they take a mile. i know them feels all too well.


When i try to formulate new thoughts but i reread it and it reads like half retarded bullshit. Or i forget and post the same thoughts i had a month ago…and i forget that im repeating myself.


The stinking mess that Native Instruments makes of My Documents. Holy crap its not even slightly organised just a spray dump of all their different products everywhere.


I think this mass isolation from covid and politics has put many people into a solipsitic psycho den that is like some weird feeback loop comprised of social media, media, and real life fubarness.


Not anyone on idmf.
The whole imma dump on you so that other people like me better than they like you. Attitude

The thought of Me being a threat to some persons popularity…gtfo that is such a joke. I cant believe some people are actually like that and conduct themselves like that as adults.

Leggo the ego, man.

Feelings. One persons feelings is not more valid than anothers.

Respect each others feelings.


Political virtue signaling by politicians on both sides.

Bored of canada everything you do is a balloon.

Gotta walk the walk instead of talking the talk and a photo op.

Imma stop now cause i feel a rant.