Things that piss you off the most


SLOWW WALKERRS. they drive me up a complete wall. but thus is human culture at times (sigh)


Watching the boys…

Trying to watch political news and not be provoked by it

I am unable to do this…

Practice makes perfect.


Guitar tabs are upside down
I hate that maybe you should use reversed mouse by default also??? What are the human invented it so it is upside down?? WTF I don’t understand how it is easier to read??? I repeat maybe you should you reversed/mirrored mouse by default in that case. That upside down guitar notation is so stupid.


Kind of related… @st3aLth … I guess… but when you hold a guitar and look down… the lower strings go up in pitch.

Also, when you hold a guitar in the upright position… the frets go up in pitch as you go down the neck.

So when you are teaching someone guitar they get confused when you say “go up one string” or go up one fret. :thinking:

So is the Tab oriented like holding the guitar? Or like looking at someone holding a guitar?


I don’t know. I also know how to play piano e.g. in piano we play what we seeing.

Very stupid someone come up with the idea of writing down notes for a guitar from top to bottom. Probably so that fewer people learned to play.
Or maybe I have a strange mindset, as if I’m using a mouse with a reverse.


So… why do the notes on sheet music go up and down the Staff but the notes on the piano go left to right?

Reality is one thing… Perception is everything.


Nonono on piano and guitar notes goes same direction from left to right. But on guitar tabulature they written upside down.


Yes yes yes!

In both piano and Tab the ORDER of how the notes are played in time is written left to write… like reading words.

In both piano and Tab the PITCH is written with higher pitches higher on the lines of the staff or tab and lower pitches on the lower lines.


Also on both piano and guitar, on the instrument (not the staff) lower pitches are to the left and higher pitches to the right.

Where it gets confusing is the guitar’s lower pitched strings are higher on the guitar when you are watching someone play guitar. However! When you are playing guitar, you are looking at those strings with your head upside down(sort of.)

When you hold the guitar as if playing and lift it up to where it is facing you…. You will see the Tab orientation. High pitched strings and notes at the top… low at the bottom…. Same as piano Staff. :sunglasses:


Yes on piano lower pitches written lower but it make no sense on a guitar. On guitar when you playing it looks upside down.

Maybe I have a strange mindset, but it’s like playing if the piano turned the notes from top to bottom - it’s impossible to read such a notation. :bride_with_veil::bride_with_veil:


No i see it upside down. Oh yes i now i see what you talking about but no one are playing guitar like that. (if you play facing guitar) :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


It truly is confusing.

Try this… lay a printout of the tab on a table.

Lay the Guitar down on your lap.

They look the same.

I truly is a dilemma how to make it better


I have that same problem, tabs always look like they’re in reverse because you can’t really imagine the depth


I had an epiphany today…and it pissed me off because…

How fucked up is it that people groom other people to perpetuate their own fucked upedness…

Grooming people is retarded.

In hindsight it makes me wonder how many people got fucked up and did fucked up shit because they were groomed.


Social prosecutors…are hypocrites.

Who appointed them to socially prosecute others…
What about their psychological shadow…
Just because the social prosecutors dont reveal their psychological shadow it doesnt mean that they are better than anyone else.

This antifeminism masculinity nonsense backlash on social media…

Read a dolls house by henrik ibsen.
Read Medea the greek play
Read some feminists books ffs…

Get out of your own echo chamber.

If a woman was a bitch to you…dont go around being an asshole to other women.

Admittedly that woman may have been a bitch…
But a) you allowed that or may have brought it out, b) she didnt like you and stop being so butthurt, c) have a better personality for next time, meaning level up. d) have a better screening process.

Also this.

Also not saying to be a complete cuck…
For There is a way to still be a man…

You do this by being your own person. And by having self respect.

Lastly there is some ideological overlap between feminism and masculinity as a philosophy.
The overlap is the individual having standards, self respect, and being a functional person that is able to achieve their goals.

Mic drop.


Tiktok is lame.

Tiktok should be a stopwatch or an alarm.


Its fb+youtube…

Why not just use youtube…

But phone cheaper to have app the upgrade website.


Fat activism…
Its just absurd…nobody is oppresing you, hunger is a problem in third world countries…share the food with those third world countries and stop hogging it all for yourself.

Also tess holiday…wasted potential…because she decided to live her life as a pig…its just sad.

I mean some thiccness is ok but there a point where im just like people should not be like pigs.

There is even a whole subculture of people that revolves around people being pigs.

Its disgusting, its saddens me that people chose to waste their life and live like a pig.


Chief Judge McGruder does not like the League of Fatties.


I think society is gonna becoome mega city one…

I googled the judge dredd comic…

Holy shit…does art imitate real life much…

Judge dredd should be a netflix series or something…


Rebellion are supposed to be making a Dredd: Mega City One series but it dived into development hell and has been quiet for some time. The main thing everyone wants is for Karl Urban to reprise the role but the makers said while they’d love that, there was no point in approaching him until more of the series had been firmed up. Then silence.


When the truth is found out through hindsight.

Dont ask what i mean.

It has to do with…the p word…