Things that piss you off the most


When you see someone trolling and you wanna yoda them…to the light side of the force


Alright, I brought this on myself, BUT Steinberg sux.

I saw that a bunch of their stuff is on sale for half price, including Wavelab, which I have been eyeing with envy for the better part of two years. I didn’t want it because of the USB liscenser, but with Steinberg’s move to e-licensing and the sale, I figured I’d give it a demo and see if the mastering workflow is everything I’m hoping for for a few weeks.

To install the 30 day demo, Steinberg demanded I make an account with them (understandable), subscribe to their newsletter (lame), install their software downloader/manager (ultra-lame), install their elicenser (understandable, but lame), install their library manager (I know not why but almost certainly for some lame reason). I haven’t paid, the software has not yet been opened, and I still somehow feel ripped off.


Now I’m pissed that this archaic software is working pretty well. Going much better than the last time I auditioned a new DAW/work environment. All my plugins are working painlessly, figured out playback, audio drivers/routing, file management remains to be seen, working with each song as a clip with its own dedicated effects all in one file is nice. I suppose it’s possible in FL, so I guess I have to try that now…

Oh, back to being pissed off, who the FUCK thought it would be a good idea for the play hotkey to be ENTER? And why in the everliving SHIT does SPACEBAR CHANGE THE AUDIO OUTPUT DRIVER?


That interesting and strong communities (virtuell meeting points) are fragmented, weakened and ultimately extinguished mainly by the overabundance of social media channels.


Too many accounts… too little time.

Too much information… too easy to find and scroll forever.

I almost forgot… I was going to make some music :roll_eyes:


Twitter controversy i dont care…

Free speech i mean…nevermind i have a life why waste energy on being upset over trivialities.




Still yearning for political social issue debate… because im bored.


Also warm toilet seats in a communal bathroom…

Will not explain


Wtf of the day…

Insane clown posse screwing with people for emotional revenge and so that they could scapegoat other people to secure their own survival of the great filter…

There is no great filter though…just some clowns hopped up on ego and pcp throwing a tantrum because solipsism.



Egos that thrive on being “right” no matter how they rationalize it or who gets hurt… when in reality they are defending an opinion, not a fact.

:thinking: Summary: Egocentric people who don’t know the difference between fact and opinion.

Yeah… that really pisses me off😬


I really dont like some people…

People i dont like…

The game the rapper
Simon cowell and simon cowell types
Kim kardashian
English royal family
Ice spice

Why should i like them…i just dont see it…

People i do like
Gordon ramsay
Creators of south park
Steph curry
Serena williams
50 cent
Nicki minaj
Caitlin clarke…


Bam margera i dont like him.


Nutella spaghetti

And pasta inflation


I can say that one thing I hate (although I don’t like to use that word) is wind.


@no one on idmf


Two way street, you did something, they did something…

Bro…just part ways…sometimes destruction of an enemy or percieved enemy doesnt yield a righteous form justice…nor some fucked up sense of validation…

kharma dharma isnt about that…its something completely different hint hint its not an agent for selfish desires…what happens to you is a result of your choices, energy and actions…if your a dick to people dont be surprised if people are a dick to you…its that simple.

Dont be an idiot…some personal feuds are just about ego, spite and envy…its nothing worth trippin about.


The way sandwhiches have crusts…

I want my pb and j premade without the bread crusts…

Fucking lame…

Writes 109918963736353 word essay about the political justification of no sandwhich crusts on pb and j sandwhiches.


Warm milk with cereal…

And the milk has curdeled already…



Not anyone on idmf

The type of person that thinks everyone is beneath them, and has no respect for anybody,…

but yet at the same time wants to get special treatment from/be adored by everybody like they are the favorite…

Especially when they do nothing but run their mouth by talking shit and dont contribute anything but their attitude/bullshit.


Hard tacos shells when the broken peices stab you in the mouth and when they get caught between teeth.


Cold cut wrappers…can never wrap it back up the way you got it.