Things that piss you off the most


Nikocado avocado…wtf.

He destroyed himself for no reason.
Why he destroyed himself is beyond me…

Just wtf.


All the racial bullshit from everyone…on tiktok and ig.

How did a bullshit concept spur so much bullshit philosophy on social media.

I want to say its not justifiable ethically in any way…

I had stop following talib kweli…

Its like its way too much bullshit from talib kweli, tucker carlson, and candace owens…among others.

Im just saying that the constant discussion is becoming toxic nonsensical bickering.


Fucked up internet shit…

  1. when people try to rationalize or justify others self mutilation for the sake of hedonism. Which is wrong because in reality, doing such is evil/immoral

  2. Lord of the flies.

  3. Acts of scumbaggery.


that’s a killer book, good movie, too.


Is that where they egg eachother on? My evil-detector doesn’t really go off on that one so much because they seem to be opening themselves up to such influences on purpose, since it’s kind of easy to choose your echo chamber. It’s still weird that such an echo chamber even exists at all, though


No its like someone fulfills their hedonistic desires at anothers expense.

I mean if the basis of a relationship is constantly giving each other pinkeye because of mutual consentual face sitting…ok.

However nobody likes a torn rectum from constant anal becuase it hurts so much when you have to poo.

For at some point an individual has to have enough self worth to say no…i dont want a liter bottle of coca cola in my ass the wrong way.


Bosses are falsifying mental health cases…

Meaning employers and bosses are using mental health reasons to get rid of employees that they dont personally like as a work around to avoid legal issues and eeo issues.

Also most bosses arent trained psychologists nor did they go to medical school and are not trained doctors.


I’ve been advertising to employ someone for my business. And it feels like online dating all over again :joy: I will talk to someone who seems good for the role and they are enthusiastic etc. I’ll try and arrange an interview, setting a time and place etc…and then they will ghost me.


People’s complete lack of communication skills when they want to say no to something but instead say yes, as if to be polite, and then back out of said agreement by ghosting/ignoring.


A budding young Billionaire who gets $4million into an $8million project and then can’t keep up with invoices because of “cash flow issues.”

Yeesh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


"I have to have an opinion on everything…

Cause everyone else gets to have opinion on everything."

This is why i stay away from ig threads and x aka twitter.


Politics some people will never be satisfied with anything…

Best to cut off those people.


Sometimes i want to go on igs threads and argue politics with people…


That would make me a certain type of asshole of which i dont want to be.


All this social cultural discussion…

About men
About women
About different ethnicities…

Shut up…

I dont care…

I just want to live in a world where everyone is only focused on Nature, Art, Sports, and Science…

Instead of drugs, hedonism, zeitgeists, celebrities, consumerism, money, politics, and power…


Narrow minded haters that just want to be right about everything just so that they can stroke their own egos

Its political Polarization to the point of idiocy.


Paid SoundCloud promotion. I have to deal with the spam every time I upload something, and then I come across genuinely terrible tracks with 15k plays and dozens of totally fake comments. Just a couple examples of obviously fake comments, “great drop” 20 seconds before the drop even starts, “love the sirens” in a song that has absolutely no sirens, or get this one, “your productions never disappoint” stupid generic that can be inserted into any song at any point.

What is the point of paying for fake comments and fake plays for a shit song? It’s not going to be any less shit because you threw $100 into a fucking trash can fire. If you have good music, combine that with genuine organic advertising, that’s a completely different thing. But I just don’t understand the point of paying someone to use a bot and dozens of fake accounts to artificially inflate the presence of music that isn’t any good organically. It’s just a waste of money, people might even see “oh it has 16k plays” and then check it out because FOMO and “grass is greener” mentality bullshit, fine, I understand that. But what is the point of doing this if the music isn’t any good? All it’s doing is creating an “expectation” of a certain quality from SoundCloud, it’s the indie stuff that isn’t quite good enough to make it to Amazon Music or especially not iTunes. Fuck what was I even going on about in the first place? Oh right, posers, fakes, charlatans, paying for equally fake advertising. Spam bots keep selling their services on SoundCloud because fools keep buying those services and every day I see yet another example of a “song” that has no business getting 15k plays and 100 comments, none whatsoever.


There’s money to be made in making generic garbage, though, and even trying to build hype around that. Look at Spotify playlists, for example. If you can be one of the shitty tag-along bands then you’re guaranteed at least 1K listeners if the playlist gains a reasonable amount of steam.

I mean, I think music has been watered down a lot but that’s kind of part of the game. NPCs are everywhere :smiley:


Yeah but I’m not talking about it being garbage because it’s generic, I’m talking about it being garbage because it’s garbage lol. A lot of stuff on SoundCloud is just loud noises with an emphasis almost exclusively on “art”, disregarding music theory and contemporary audio engineering principles.

I already have more than 1k listeners per week and I haven’t paid a penny for advertising, nor do I believe my music falls into the category of “shitty tag along band”. :joy: The number one most important contributing factor to that is without a doubt, listenability. That’s where music theory and audio engineering come into play. These people who are paying for comments and paying for thousands of plays can string together a rhythmic group of loud sounds, but it’s not music, it’s only art. That’s fine if you’re an artist, experimental stuff is very popular within a certain crowd, but I’m a musician and I make music, thoughtfully and deliberately, not just art for the sake of art.


The good news is that the really weird / outsider stuff tends to fall off pretty rapidly (I put myself in that category, for sure). There’s a fine line between absolutely bonkers shit and absolutely bonkers shit that catches on, but it’s kind of a better bet to head towards genericism than the others. I can’t really blame people for making the type of elevator music that gets thrown onto playlists, we all have to sell out to some degree in order to actually get a return on any of this stuff.

I feel like the OG incarnation of Soundcloud wouldn’t have even allowed the spam bullshit like this to flourish so bad. Today’s version of SC feels a lot like Last FM, except we’re all kind of stuck using it because there’s no popular (or even semi-popular) alternative. I mean, there’s Youtube, but that’s an extra step and most people just gloss over music when it’s posted there. The state of music today needs a serious facelift.


While it may be true that there is a fine line between bonkers shit that goes nowhere and bonkers shit that actually catches on, I believe there is a far more clear and well defined line between bonkers shit and good music to begin with. In the state of music today, people seem to be under the impression that literally anything can be acceptable as music, but that’s such a tiny pinprick of the tip of an iceberg that most people don’t even know exists. You can name any genre or style, trap, EDM, classical, opera, gangster rap, literally any style, and there is always a defined, generally accepted and agreed upon guideline for achieving excellent results. Those guidelines didn’t just make themselves up, they are the result of millions of people progressing through millions of songs in countless styles derived from one after another after another. So it’s not reasonable to expect widespread success when you come in to the scene with something highly experimental, there are simply too many highly developed reasons why that can’t work. So this is only part of the reason why “generic” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.