Things that piss you off the most


trying to evolve beyond trump like behavior, in my response to some people throwing psycho bullshit at me irl…


something that happened today most certainly pissed me off–my Matrix 6 died after having it for…oh, two days, and thanks to fucking shithead Cuomo I can’t take it anywhere to get it fixed. So there’s $650 that for the time being, was wasted :rage:


oof, I can’t even like that post; that’s just cruel reality hours. That’s shit m8


Thanks for your commiseration. I’ve settled down a little bit since that last post, I don’t know why I should be so upset since I have a ton of other synths. Probably because that Oberheim was the best sounding Polysynth I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot

At least I recorded a great melody and some samples from it.

I found a place that can probably repair it about 2 hours away, it’s in Canada. It is open but the borders aren’t so this MAtrix will be sitting here for months most likely. :pensive:


Don’t be sad. But i like sad. :DDDDD




guess youll have to jump the boarder then :smiley:


hopefully not.

actually there’s an update to this situation. I have an uncle who is both a musician and handy with electronics. He’s confident he can fix the Matrix if we can order the parts. I’ll probably need a new power supply board (which I can’t seem to find online atm) but I’ll have a better idea when we open it up to inspect it when I have a day off from work.