The Off-Topic Thread


You should post them on here


See what I did there? yeah now you have to post them on here otherwise everyone will make fun of you


Oh I’ll be made fun of a lot more FOR posting them

so I guess I’ll go on a beer run and then put them up on a private SC link

Just for you Brogmaster


hell yeah


Done by request :stuck_out_tongue:


when ppl think your looking at porn or something, but in actuallity your just shitposting on idmf


Ok so here’s the REAL RILLY REALZ version of how IDMf went down and came back up.

Many days ago, in the distant past, like December or November of last year, the hard drives went bad. The reasons for this are: They are housed in a ghost ship sailing in the pacific ocean and that ghost ship doesn’t always have the best internet connection but it served its purpose. Now, as you all know, ghost ships tend to have ghost ship problems…the main one being ghost rats. i know, it’s terrible and getting a ghost rat exterminator out to Lat. 36.45.64 Lon. 46.476.5 at 3 am is a Herculean effort to say the least. Ferries must be rented, tickets bought, compasses, the whole 9 yards (not the film)…so as you can imagine dragons, things got a bit backed up and neglected…mistakes were made and now there’s no ghost ship, no hard drives, nada. We havent made contact with Captain Withersproon in months, assumed dead at this point. But fear not!!! What you are looking at is the latest, finest, most extreme cutting edge forum technology ever to cross the verse. It has all sort of bells and whistles that aren’t making sounds you could ever want! So sit back and enjoy the virtual ride int othe quantum cosmos as your shitposting gets read around the world!!!



literally probably the best post I’ve ever read in my life



so…the name of this ghost ship…what was it?
The Flying Dutchoven?


The Jolly Bogger




In 2020 i predict that the kardashian sisters will organize a March for Trump with everyone wearing Maga hats and Kanye West will perform it will be a great opportunity to take selfies and promote Kylie and caitlin jenner’s new clothing line I’m basing this off of analysis of all the Facebook data stolen from cambridge analytica that got posted on the dark web…


An edgy commercial that pits people against each other in effort to make money and people actually buy into it and take it seriously enough to make lengthy argumentative dissertations concerning gender roles and politics…what a waste of time




I wish I could say I disagree… But that’s probably accurate depressingly enough lol.

Been a while since we heard about some Kanye X Trump insanity though


I heard that the bromance is over, apparently some didn’t approve of the relationship and there was some fallout when they decided to elope to vegas, kanye apparently came to his senses and decided to divorce trump, because of problems in the sack…they were supposed to be equal partners but it turned out that Trump was into bdsm and Kanye tried loving him but he was too distant and cold, apparently the breaking point was when kanyever found out through tmz that Trump was messing around on the side thereby making him look like a fool publicly…so long story short Kanye took a lump sum of cash from trump after trump told him to gtfo…last I heard Kanye was turning tricks at they Taj Mahal casino in ac and got banned from the establishment it’s sad sight to be honest but hey its a part of life


Did my taxes and ended up OWING the government. BOOOOOOOO LAME TAX.


I made a remix of the song “I took a pill in ibiza”, my remix is called “I took a shit in a public toilet in ibiza”

Tl:Dr, shitpost