[Comedy/Cybergrind] Primal Reign - Dinosaur Grindcore

2007-2009 was a weird era in my music years. I started doing this side project using FL Slayer plugin, sequenced guitar and sequenced drums, of course. Haha. Sharing this as by taunting delicious request by our man Brogner.

Here I have the compiled collection of tracks from a different era in my music years under the moniker Primal Reign. Some of these tracks have different volumes and different mastering, so volume will differ.

Uhm… for fans of utter shit and ridiculous comedy grindcore. Enjoy at your own risk, this is the first time these tracks have surfaced in a decade. :stuck_out_tongue:


You might need to private share this, it’s coming up empty

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Thanks for the heads up, fixed :slight_smile: !

Holy shit it’s like Christmas all over again… you can bet I’m blasting this on my way to work

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Lol. This is so retarded. Love it. And that breakdown type part in Cretaceous Holocaust is actually all kinds of awesome.

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this should be on youtube with at least 200k views.

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haha thanks man. Looking back on it there was some decent grooves in here… I honestly credit this project with being the precusor that allowed me to evolve into doing really insane breakcore drums, just from all the percussion editing I did on these. LoL. Looking forward to finally start cracking in on my new grindcore/slam project at some point this year.

I probably should put this online publicly somewhere… the last time it was public it was on myspace with 50 “friends”. The last message I ever got was from a 12 year old girl who messaged me saying it was her little brothers birthday and primal reign was his favorite band and they wanted a CD. I basically felt slightly uncomfortable and then abandoned the project.

Good times.