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you know what, fuck pelicans.

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WTF? Do you know why? That really fucking sucks


This is a golden ticket idea


Essentially I under-estimated how much I’d make last year when I signed up for health insurance, so I ended up getting too much of a premium. I’ve had that happen before, I’m right near the line where if I make like 1000-2000 less a year then I normally do then I get a large premium for insurance, but if I don’t then it’s smaller. I’m like right near the line, so if I underestimate and end making more, I end up getting premiums that I can’t actually claim.

That was the main thing, but the other part was that both my jobs didn’t end up taking much out of my checks. I’m not sure why, because I normally claim a “1” on my W-4’s, and usually end up getting something back, but, one employer in particular, withheld like half of what I actually owed.

So, between those two, I ended up owing (plus I didn’t qualify for many credits really). It isn’t too much, enough to be an annoyance, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually owed money.

Also, in Wyoming we don’t pay state tax, so less money to work at tax time.


Whaaa, you’re a Wyoming guy? I lived in Evanston 2014-2016. I also had to pay taxes both years. Bullshit.


Yeah! You lived in Evanston?! I worked with a guy who lived there. I’ve been in Wyoming for about 3.5 years, live in Laramie where I’m going to school. Moved up here from Colorado cuz it was so much cheaper, both school and living!


Small world! I’ve known a few people from Laramie. Small place, like most of WY. Cost of living in other places yeah, is quite affordable. Evanston isn’t much better than Salt Lake City, where I live now.

If you ever find yourself out in SLC, hit me up !


i just watched ‘Solo’. i found it quite entertaining


I heard that they are coming out with kenobi so it’ll be fun, could of shown more of darth maul though


or they coulda just not. either way :smile:



Meaningful post.
This post is meaningful to me.
it might not be meaningful to you.
you say potato i say potato.
what do potatos have to do with this you ask ?
nothing really,just this… mmmkay.


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here is a haiku.

i cum on your lips.
you lick it off with gumption.
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dont you threaten me with a good time.
good to see you manbrohugs
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Time and time, easy rhymes
They’re both the same word, simple lines
Expand your miiiiiiiiiiiind!


i learned that reading a science fiction book


Is it weird that I want to see the dirty version of this?


it exists


r/confusedboners material