The Off-Topic Thread


You know the routine. Nothing relevant to anything, not even the posts before yours. Legacy forum we had all kinds of quotes and shit happening.

fuck bitches get synths


If you read this I’m better than you.


ah snap, we can use bbcode AND html?!


can we reply to posts?!?!




reported for spam


Yeesh, just testing the waters



mother of gawd…



sup yall


Holy fuck, guys. Second time I’ve been booted out of an age old account come refurb.

And that orange text on an orange background right now. To my right, as I type this reply.

But still with the same colour scheme.


And that long long fade-in, holy fuck. Holy fuck, clickbait sites show faster than that. It’s like Once Upon a Time in the West just to see a new page.


idmf just got reincarnated after doing battle during the epic of gilgamesh


new policy: everyone who complains gets banned




Where’s my fucking MC points.




logic vs reason


The best thing about this place is that I am rewarded for doing basically nothing. It’s very satisfying. Read a thread, here’s a badge. Like a post, now you are a regular poster. :v:


Ghost bitch don’t give a fuck about pigs.