The Off-Topic Thread


Now all we need is some badge crafting, levels and such and then it’ll be more like a game than a forum :smiley:

Actually I have a feeling this is just default template stuff, I couldn’t imagine the admins literally setting all of that up when they know people will definitely come back and post


it is all discourse stuff. there are already levels, they are trust levels :smiley:


god dammit Parricide what did I tell you about quoting in this thread

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Did I get it?

edit: yay


Had to try just to make sure it was even possible

Edit: nope. Test failed @ me


You have to hit “reply” on the post you’re replying to, then in the box that comes up, click on the little conversation bubble at the top left of the editing window to “Quote whole post”


Oh shit, thank you!


No problemo


I love you fuckers


They tasted great with noodles.


Btw guys no need to hit reply and faff around for quotes. Just highlight the text in the post you want to quote then magically a button appears above the text that says ‘Quote’. Click that and off you go.


And off we go.

To Neverland.

Web design for people who never did acid.



mine is better


self quote


nice meme.jpg


Well… where then can I buy the chest of gems, sack of gold, stash of goods like in any other respectable Internet game? I need to buy an ungainly advantage over the competition.


What witchcraft is this? I have vanished………fid ye are fiddly fucked!


My laundry machine shares DNA with a 1984 Volks Rabbit.

It fixes itself. There’s some kind of phenotype happening there where life has take over things made of metal and plastic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Hitachi PAF-1220p


yea good point. we need to be able to donate for fancy badges :smiley:


please fix the font colors