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When you have to eat a massive handful of Doritos Roulettes just so you have a chance of getting the one in 300 with flavour.


oooooooooh Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you there? :smiley:


anagrams are fuckin’ weird and sometimes eerie.

Chelsea Manning = Enhancing Males
Adolf Hitler = Hatred for Ill
Charles Manson = Conman Slasher


internet anagram generator thingy


Not sure if I ever investigated this rabbit hole but I swear this is what that video reminds me of

Why? It’s halloween all the time here


@thom: now THAT seemed sort of random.


the way it should be >:)



@xNOiSEx, you mean the time of the year where people go apeshit for pumpkin spice everything


dont apes throw their shit though?


@parricide yeah they do it because of pumpkin spice, it sustains life and increases longevity, its manufactured on the desert planet arrakis, or so I heard, it’s also why Vladimir harkonnen colluded with emperor shaddam IV of house corrino against house atreidies


interwebz explained by the Roo_ster


Fun fact, my 8 year old fatass Tabby cat is named Roo. Cool world.


its also the first three letters of rooster. is your cat a rooster? is roo a rooster??? i knew he was hiding shit!


Rooster is an anagram of So Retro


anagram is an anagram of granmaa. grandmaa says dick jokes make money, roosters make money, therefor roo is rich


For those of you who think anagrams don’t speak the truth:

Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler

Father-in-law = Near halfwit


That’s fuckin’ hilarious. Anagrams are fucking weird man. Almost every famous person out there has an anagram that relates to the exact thing they are known for.

Edward Snowden = Odd News Warden / Odd News Warned / Add Downer News
Harriet Tubman = The Umbra Train
Donald Trump = Land Rot Dump
Nicole Kidman = A Demonic Link

wait what