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idmf more underground than ever


IDMF kvlt



the drunkn shitposrt thread is rebordn ,and so the battle for teh title of shitpost supreme begins…im drunk fuck yea





I believe evolution sort of went wrong by stripping us naked with no fur.

Wouldn’t you like to have a short cat-like coat? It’s freezing outside and my cat gives no fucks. I envy that.


our fur was probably sacrificed because of energy required to maintain it, and the energy probably went into something else like being bipedal or something


Bipedal eh?

Hm. Yes. It’s much faster on a bike. Also hair would create drag.



Well, wouldn’t that suck at the gym? And all the hair, especially during spring at work? Also, you can’t easily get that grease out of your underarm hair.


You don’t need no monitors for that!



^if you circuit bent some of those toys you can get some interesting sounds fyi

gotta laugh…




The double slit experiment.

Can they not make a commercial decorative lighting product out of it??

If so, they should get cracking. It would be cool.


I, too, want a light that when not observed produces an interference pattern, ushering more supposed light intensity, while simultaneously [dimming] with lesser light when staring directly at it—as I usually do.