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to be or not to be?



I’ve been smoking grass for over a little over fifteen years and some how have just now bought a grinder. How have I lived like a savage for so long?


without attention that other threads need.


I’ve been smoking weed for like 17 years. I do have a grinder I got a few years back, but it’s a cheap one without a screen for the kief, and so it just grinds it up, and so, I normally just crush the weed by hand.


I’m sorry if I have a life. I just spent the end of last week grading a bunch of research essays with 102 fever, but no, can’t take a day off from IDMf because I have to baby sit grown ass adults. So some people shit posted some offensive crap. Auto got it to it by the time I saw it, the world went on rolling despite this major fucking disaster. Peace out. Maybe I’ll see ya’ll after the new year…


sorry relic, didn’t mean to come off cuntish. all is good my man.



and now they say new york is going to be somewhat similiar to colorado, imo some companies are eventually going dominate the market, and make it like cigarrettes and by that i mean putting chemicals in the stuff to make it more addictive to increase profit margins even though i hope it wont happen it might…, but on the plus side, they say they are going to expunge the records of some depending upon on the severity like misdemeanors for possesion so that less strain is on the system, at least thats what they say…so maybe it’ll work i don’t know… I dont smoke anymore because of reasons that I wont get into out of respect for other people’s choices…also feel free delete this post in case it causes another shit show


They’re working on a passing something like that in Denver, where people would be able to have their records expunged for marijuana related offenses dating back about 14-15 years or something like that… now if they’ll do it in all of Colorado, I could wipe a few charges of mine lol tho they’re far back enough most places it’s not so much of a deal (unless I was getting a government job maybe with special clearances)


For shame.


caught this glorious photo of my great dane the other day… no comment…


life tip:

get a “grinder no.1”. they are the best grinders in the world. i think they must have a patent on their spikes or something because no other grinder works quite like it.

but not the one with the magnet. fuck that magnet.



grinderworld is nice for the consistency, pretty mandatory if you roll, but for any other pieces sometimes I actually do prefer the hand crushed nuglife.



ive used those. imo the crystal catching grinders are a waste of time, but more importantly they dont grind anywhere near as well as a grinder no.1.


You don’t use the ones with the crystal catchers? I like those because you can get the kief to put on top of a bowl or something… or smoke BY ITSELF!! I thought it was funny tho that you could get a grinder from Wal-Mart lol… but not a grinder no. 1.


lol you guys are as nerdy as weed as I am about coffee.

Vices, they gonna get ya.