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Judging a man by how many riffs he has looped is not smart

Judging a man by how many loops he has riffed is smart

Al Gore -


Tomogatchi pita furbillizer


I find the dust it catches to be overrated, certainly no better than the rest of the bud (although lots of people say otherwise), but you have to sacrifice cutting power to catch it. It is useful for those times when you run out though :slight_smile:


The “crystal catchers” are really just creating hash at a ridiculously fine level… I think. I mean, I’ve seen grinders that have like 5 screen levels deep. we all know we run out of herb and get desperate and use that shit up before it’s worth anything.


All I can say:”better living through Chemistry.”


The screens separates the THC crystals from the flower. So that stuff that gets left over, kief is what I’ve always called it, is basically all THC, so quite potent.



The upcoming generation doesn’t want to do homework…how else are you gonna learn how to properly curse someone out in five different languages using Google translate…I mean come on you gotta practice shit…and learn how to juggle multiple responsibilities at once somehow…wtf…I did my due diligence so should they…10 bucks this doesn’t change shit and the majority of the current generation takes this as an opportunity to endlessly play video games…instead of learning valuable life skills or honing there skills…Imo they should start doing multiple apprenticeships like they did back in the old days if there gonna get rid of homework…fuck


What is this in regards to?


Homework. Can’t you read? :stuck_out_tongue:


Some Bullshit story I saw on americas fake news channel, but I also remember seeing another report on something similar a while back on the regular news as well…so it is what it is rabble rabble rabble


Something about taking advantage of the opportunity of people not wanting to do homework to play more video games? Is this a social disease that’s being exploited by pro-gamers to push their own agenda of people playing video games?


Can’t win when it comes to societal disease…also can’t underestimate the possibility of erroneous judgement…what’s more important a wow raid or making sure that you are able to pay rent and have space to play wow on occasion


I don’t know what we’re talking about, as I haven’t read this article, and it hasn’t been summarized, but I think we could hold off the gamers with an army of snack distributors while the aliens hack their gaming systems and make it so it takes out their life energy while they play, and power the new world order.


No article it’s worse than that its tv, so you have to believe everything that it shows you…because you know plato"s cave


What if TV’s told them to do their homework, but instead of just doing their homework we draw their energy from them too, win-win. Aliens are happy, and people do their homework… we just won’t tell them their learning is keeping the alien race alive.


Televisions give out mixed signals


No grievances here on my end. Someone has to flip burgers, mop the bathrooms, and mow my lawn.
Hope they buy their games on a credit card, get them hooked early.

Fewer educated people means less competition, so please indulge.


And, also, while on topic…


Yeah I know about the sith rule.of two one to have power and the other to crave it, the funny thing is that never ends because your fighting the entropic cycle blah blah insert some zen crap about the nature of existence and presto you have balderdash with a sprinkle of envy because of Mc status