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Maybe the video games ARE the homework


Synergy, n’sync


This sounds like one of those things that people know because everybody says it, rather than because its true. I could be wrong, but it sounds unlikely to me. It certainly doesnt get me high like almost pure thc would.


Imagine if the people sending people to war had to go themselves.


Like Genghis khan



America will always be going to war to protect herself… Now if the people in charge went to war early in their life, came into power, and sent people into war… I think that it would be more ruthless… Adolf Hitler for example was a WW1 hero


There were rather few instances where America did indeed defend herself and not merely her interests elsewhere in the world.
If the money spent on 17 years of war had been invested in educating scientists and engineers as well as renewable energy research and infrastructure, we would not much care about what goes on in the Arabian desert, would we?
Instead we have the Cretin in Chief waffling on about coal. Coal? That was the fuel of the 19th century. At the current rate, the Chinese will have us handsomely beat on wind, solar, nuclear fusion, and water based power generation. Way to go.


I respect your talent in making music, but clearly you are not as up to par on politics as you are creating wonderful media.

Coal has been and will be a good source of energy. Coal is very strategic and cheap, even though the government taxes and regulates the shit out of coal, and subsidizes wind and solar.

Coal is also strategic compared to natural gas in the manner of 40 days of coal can be maintained on site, unlike natural gas that is piped in from another source. Destroy the pipe and the plant can not generate electricity. Nuclear is not going to be admissible in America because of 3 mile island and public relations. COAL IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO POWER AMERICA.

As for the Middle East. It is and is not about oil.
Keeping the Middle East systematically divided is in the interest of America.

If the Middle East did not want to be in this position, maybe the Ottoman Empire should not have sided with the losing side in WW1.

As far as China goes, they are corrupt and they lie. They have no regard for an environmental protection standard. Why do you think it makes more economical sense to run a business in China compared to the USA?

Also for the first time in a long time, the USA is exporting more oil than it is importing.

Germany (along with the EU) was actually going to purchase oil from RUSSIA!!! You think that is smart? Now they purchase oil from our country because of our president.


whenever someone talks about politics most of the time its like a parrot repeating sentences…

shit both sides only let you know what they want you to know and some carry this persona to maintain support from their constituents sometimes either putting forth a vision they don’t believe in or holding a position they dont personally agree with,thereby acting like salespeople…

also another thing people from both sides can be bought either with money or other intangibles…which can lead to misrepresentation and other stuff…

one side is not better than the other

sometimes they are the same and sometimes they will change positions on certain issues just to suit themselves and maintain power…

those are some of the cons

but hey it comes with the territory…I for one am more concerned with the daily life struggles that I face…other stuff like foreign policy is out of my hands…the only thing i can do is vote, and vent to others to no effect, besides everything in the media both mainstream and non mainstream treat this shit more like the real housewives of orange county…i don’t care because its just spin

^i know its just satire but the vids make an interesting point…

but like I said i just care more about my daily life struggles


I unfortunately don’t have a grinder to test meself… hmmm

EDIT: it’s talked about quite a bit if you do a bit of googling:

EDIT EDIT: Maybe you’re not smoking good enough weed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Totally love that Malcom Tucker character…


For the record this is how the conversation unfolded. I always enjoy that when someone rambles on and goes off in a rant like style… They appear to have some sort of intellectual insight, when someone brings fact and presents it in some type of order… It’s a parrot repeating sentences.

when a baker bakes a pie from scratch, he is not really inventing the pie recipe and growing all of the ingredients from scratch

when all of us write or “generate” music, we are not inventing ideas from scratch… rhythm, scales, using kick samples, using gear designed by other people, chord progressions, being influenced by different people…

I get my information from the NYT, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, it goes on and on. Also I make my living from working at an electric plant… We talk about (more like I get talked at) about the future landscape of American Energy and fuel sources on a routine basis. Also do you really think there is an article tailored for every argument? All of what I had previously said was off the top of my head. I was not saying one side is better than the other, I was making a statement that America benefits from having a divided Middle East.

You want to talk about daily struggle… when I was in High School I had a f-150 pick up truck. Gas was around 4.50 a gallon around in 2008. Now by me it is almost under 2.00 dollars a gallon.

Who do you think foots the bill when fuel prices go up, The electric companies or the customers?

I can argue that these play a role in “the daily struggle” among other things, like failed health care… But we won’t get into that now.


@Brogner: You’re pivoting here. Cleverly, I admit.
The point I was conveying was that 17 years of war incurred a cost that would have allowed for the development of better alternatives to fossil fuels.

Given our current understanding of the impact the of CO2 emissions on climate, alternatives are much needed.

Regarding your response: You’re not the only one reading about history and contemporary politics. I don’t appreciate you opening by belittling my intellect and it’s these sort of ad hominem arguments that makes others react in the manner they do. If you don’t want to be talked at, try not to be such a cunt.


Also, your Hitler comment makes no logical sense and is intellectually misguided, to put it mildly.


This is arguably rant. looking back at the record of how this conversation unfolded, I did not initially say anything to stir up anyone.

Keeping the Middle East systematically divided is in the interest of the USA. I am not advocating for or against… I am stating fact.

I get “talked at” at work because I am a low level guy compared to the guys doing the talking, I am being talked at by upper management when they discuss the future of the company they are incharge of.

Protecting the environment does not win wars, having a foothold in a fuel rich region of land will

  1. allow the USA to have easier access to material
  2. prevent other countries from having access to material

And how so? My claim is this… People who went to war could have a tendency to be more brootal and more inclined for war. I used hitler as an example but Napoleon is another example. People who grew up with a war background could be more inclined to go to war. How is this a bad idea/ opinion?


I can’t go through another winter with cold feet, I folded and bought a pair of Uggs : ( Not like the suede booty things all the basic bitches wear, but still…


My girlfriend offered her really thick and comfy socks because I feel the same way. They are a little tight and look stupid but man, my feet have never felt this warm this time of year. They even have little rubber grips on the bottom, minimizing a slipping hazard.


Holy lol never seen a dude wear uggs…but hey if your feet are warm I say go for it