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I think the Dude would’ve worn Uggs had they been around at the time.

Would’ve tied the outfit together.


^This is what I got. So they still have the real sherpa lining, but aren’t suede space boots

Also…the Dude totally would have worn whatever was the most comfortable!


there is hardly any bad weed where i live and ive been smoking for over 20 years so its unlikely that all the weed id ever smoked was bad.
i just think people get a bit over excited about novelty smoking and word of mouth. im sure it is getting me higher than normal bud, but its certainly not enough for me to get excited about, and not enough to sacrifice the cutting power of a grinder no.1
it sounds like i work for them XD
each to their own though. if people like using catchers then they should go ahead and enjoy them.


fwiw, I’ve smoked “kief” or collected thc crystal and what gets collected in those grinders…the actual kief…which came from dispensaries in legal states was pretty potent versus that so-so dust from the grinder.


i havent tried anything other than the stuff from a grinder. maybe thats where im going wrong. i assume there is a better way to do it if you dont really care about the leftovers being shit.


My info is totally not from a legit source, but I’ve heard a couple people tell me sometimes people will tumble really sticky bud to get a lot of the easily collected thc crystal and then sell the bud which still stinks great, but won’t be as potent. This process, ideally, wouldn’t ruin the bud like grinding. (I guess grinding doesn’t “ruin” it, but you know what I mean).


hahaha that is so nasty, yet so funny at the same time :smile:


The keeping the mid east divided point is arguable…pros and cons to such a thing but I’m not gonna get into that since when it comes to foreign policy it’s like gambling, but the no more relying on fossil fuels thing is a plus sort of being that fossil fuels are finite and finding a way to not rely on them can arguably make the US more economically independent and thereby allowing the us to not interfere so much in foreign countries, which would allow us to focus on other things such as funding r&d for scientific advancement…blah…blah…blah…poop


I agree, but we don’t have that technology and even if we did… other countries do not have that technology so it’s better to have control of the oil supply then Russia or China… When the Middle East was the Ottoman Empire they sided with Germany. Imagine a war with a Middle Eastern empire sided with Russia or China. I know a lot of people like to talk about how America sucks but the fact is I think we all would prefer to live in America rather than Russia or China.

To be clear I am not advocating for one or the other. I am stating stratigic fact.


some guy just got a kicking from 4 guys with bars outside my house and i called the police for the first time ever over something like that. my daughter was the one who saw and its the first time she has seen that kind of beating so she was scared for him and shouting at them to stop and telling me to do something!
she put me into blind panic with her own panic and i didnt know what to do. i couldnt go out there and either kill them and go to prison or get a kicking myself and leave my family vulnerable, so i did the good citizen thing.

after it all calmed down she told me what happened from the beginning and it seems he was not completely innocent himself (but maybe didnt deserve that kicking. too much mouth towards a group of joy riders), and now i have to worry about my family being safe when im not home. im not sure if i did the right thing.


@parricide don’t know the whole story, nor do I want to know, I cannot relate what your going through, and im not sure what law is overseas but somehow if your were a witness, and didn’t do anything then something else might of happened…being that you saw what went down…im not sure what you should do, honestly i would try to remain anonymous (but from your story it doesn’t seem like thats an option) if not then minimize your role in the case if anything and hope someone else is asked to tesitfy/give a witness statement if it ever comes to such a situation…thats all i can say


I mean, if it was 4 dudes beating up a guy with weapons, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to jump in the middle. I don’t know many people who could take on 4 pipe carrying thugs. I think you did the right thing, just calling the police (I’m sure they didn’t get there till it was over tho…). I might say in that situation to simply observe as much about the perpetrators as you could. Taking on 4 guys at once is a lot. Hopefully the guy wasn’t TOO beat up, and I suppose you could also give him medical assistance afterwards. I wouldn’t worry too much about it tho. You avoided getting beat up yourself, and kept your family safe.

I might consider moving, tho.


i have spoken to the police a couple of times since and told them all the information i could, but i declined doing an official statement and going to court (if it came to that). they also asked if i would sign a statement on my daughters behalf and if she would do a video conference in court (because she is under 18 she can do it over video, but i cant). i declined, of course.


yea i would have ended up like him if i went out there unless i was willing to go down for murder, both options are bad and i certainly was not leaving my family vulnerable.
the guy got up after they left and limped off, but hes in hospital now, but i think he will be okay. they apparently arrested a couple of people so hopefully justice will take its course. unlikely though.

i dont plan on moving any time soon :slight_smile: its a bit rough in this area but it could be a lot worse, but i actually like it here, and in general it is a solid community.


okay, thats probably the best thing, as long as they don’t have an official record containing your personal information or something that acknowledges that you talked to the police, being that it minimizes the possibility of the word being spread that you talked to the cops,

if it was a bar fight then no big deal, but if it was gang related…

then its probably best not to talk any further about what you saw…and stay out of it…i know its seems like its not ethical but the fact is that we don’t live in a world where people are so inclined to behave ideally…and also the police are spread out and patrol the city, they can’t babysit and respond to other emergencies at the same time…also Im just some random asshole on the net…so i really am not in a position to help or give satisfactory advice…


hahah yea, there is no satisfactory advice to give. tbh i feel better knowing my family will not be involved. i just came here to get shit off my chest i guess. i usually wouldnt even get involved, but my daughter made me panic XD for all i know the guy could be a peado getting what he deserved.


so if you find a youtube link, and remove the “ube” from it, it brings you to a “yout” website link with the extension that lets you download the audio from the page.


Along with a trojan virus… :slight_smile: I’m cautious by nature. :1st_place_medal:


You won’t get a Trojan from an audio clip. Audio clips aren’t executable anyhow.


IO_madness is right. But its good habbit to scan everything you download. I use avg and malwarebytes on every file as soon as i DL it. With good malware detection in place you should be fine even if you do dowload malware