The Off-Topic Thread



that thing is mesmerizing!
couldnt help but notice a bolt that could do with being a little longer at 2:52 :laughing: it would be such a shame for it to fall apart because of such a trivial problem.


If I’m not mistaken, that guy is building another one of those things and documenting the build process. Not sure what his youtube channel is though…


There is a playlist on his channel that goes through the build process. At least i thought thats what it was, i havent watched it yet so could be wrong. (Just checked. It is a walkthrough and you are right, it is not the first machine. Not sure if its finished yet)
The video bfk shared is from his channel. Just click the title of the video and it will take you to youtube and you can click his channel from there.

Fuck it i got the link for you:
wintergatan youtube channel



I’m confused as to why the random rant is tagged onto the photo


YESSS, Now the forum feels moar like fun from the old days.


its symbolic, and is about perfectionism and people, and why people do things, also its funny as fuck because…


Because it doesn’t stand to make any goddamn sense at any moment!


…it is a post metaphysical statement about the intricacies of the modern human condition and the effects of social media on it…

Tl;Dr lol because of real life


I think this is the explanation I’m going for, because as they say, “this shit’s pieces of of bananas with a side of sour cream”


what are of bananas





Beards and beard ingredients and all other things concerning beards


Beard bananas


Old f***in’


And just when I think I am remotely safe from fun punching me in the dick, This happens and all I can taste is blood and almonds. Fellas, laladies…let the games BEAAGINN!


Imagine if you found Almonds in your beard it’s like surprise snacks


almonds can suck my dick


Imagine what mysteries lie behind the beard, or IN the beard?