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Let’s all take a moment to realize the sheer power of Reaktor’s Krypt ensemble


didnt know about it. do now. thanks!


nutella like it is




Desert is a complicated fucking word Imo because desert and dessert spellcheck/autocorrect will not save us from the English language


conversational shrapnel from our house today: “vaporized soup is the worst kind of soup”.


Pretty sure we are about to get a thunderstorm that will turn into a snow storm.


It’s about time your side of the US got it, it’s been freezing rain and ice everywhere for like 3 days. I’m over it. Finally a decent day today at like 35f degrees


Sunny and sweaty here…as usual. Ugh. Fuck the sun.


Any goddamn way…man I’ve recently switched my regular weed smoking to vaping. Well it’s still 2014 so I cant talk about this but i’mma bend the rules and say that it’s not really better than smoking but it’s much easier to manage for me. No packing bowls, no cleaning dirty pipes, no messing with smoke and lighters and having a rolling tray. It’s just punch a button and get high as fuck. I’m a bit of a luddite, I didnt get a cell phone until 2009 and didnt get a smart phone until 2015. Ok, well yeah guys…I’m late to this vaping weed thing. GEEZ GIMMA A BREAK. GIMME A GODDAMN BRAEK GUISE!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

I’m not claiming first Tuesday drunk post on idmf 2.0 but i think i may just have that trophy on lockdown…yeah that’s a 4 dot ellipsis…CONTEXTUAL CLUES


I had a vape for weed once, but it took a LOT of weed to get any kind of decent hits off it, AND it smelled horrible. It was this oval shaped short tube, maybe about 5 inches or so long, had a push in mouth piece (when it was out, it’d start heating up), and you loaded the weed in the chamber on the other side in this little are at the end. As I said tho, you’d really have to pack it to get any sort of hit, so I felt it really wasn’t an efficient use of weed. When it did, it was nice tho… but then, that smell… uhhh just not a good smell, like weird those weird herbs people burn in religious ceremonies or something. I used it a few times, but I still prefer just a bowl and a lighter.

I would like to get a dab rig tho.


Oh nonononononononono this is sativa oil in a cartridge but man you just reminded me of when I first hit out of a vape you had to load up yourself. There’s no loading involved on this one but yeah I totally remember those kits from way back in 2002, had a friend that used one consistently but I think it just ended up being some early on gimmicky shit.


In those pens, can you load normal like flavored cartridges (non-weed) that they have? Or are those different cartridges?


Donald Trump only comes 124th when you google search baby hands


That may be so, but he sure comes up on top here:

The politics shit post thread

I wish malcom tucker was real and would run for president


I am pretty sure that you can use non herbal cartridges yeah.


Slightly hungover today so I finished this drawing.


Nice man, that looks cool. You’re pretty good!