The Off-Topic Thread


Cheers guys, I’m an old man so my fridays are usually happily spent within the confines of the abode, drinking some Sierra Nevada Torpedos and vaping while perusing the vast video tape selection at youtube video. Have yourselves a merry fekkin 2019, idmfers. ALL U GUYS THAT ARENT SIGNED UP FEKN SIGN UP!!! Here’s a song for the renewal of imdf:



I shaved my beard I’m itchy and I’m cold


Shaving always leads to regret, It’s not worth it!


we demand pics you sexy shaven beast


At work, tormenting my friend (who’s favorite movies are Disney movies) by telling him weird sex fetishes lmao


If disney films are his favorite I’m surprised he isn’t the one teaching you about weird sex fetishes XD


I shave daily (well, work week daily) with one of the fancy close shave kits with a brush and lathers and lotions and such. I do not regret, but it’s an expensive kit. Should last a long time though, I got the biggest size of everything and you’re only supposed to use a pinky-nail’s worth of anything to cover the whole face. Been going 3 weeks and I haven’t even gotten the top smooth layer off the cream yet.


He hadn’t heard of littles, furries, the hot carl… lol he usually always has something to come back with when I’m messing with him but he was getting seriously disturbed lololol


I love you


Thank you


the hot carl, don’t wanna know what that is, i’ve never had a conversation irl concerning all the different sex terminology you’d normally find on urban dictionary, the most i’ve heard is “i don’t think beards are sexy”, or “she is thick” or “i’d finger that”…i dunno, irl most people i know keep it pg-13, also I don’t know wtf some in the fashion world are thinking…average is more attractive imo…

also this for no reason:


Man, what kind of do-gooder hell are you living in?


Sorry, not sorry.


thanks i/o,



I’d finger that.


when you realize the effect of your shitposts on the internet has on people irl




Guies and Gellies of IDMF2.0 I’ve a critically critical announcement to make, My employer decided that a sleep schedule on par with Count Dracula is best suited for me so I am going over to the graveyard shift. With that said, I will have the time to participate in the doings of things like normal fucking people of the unwashed mass. This is a welcome change and very well suited to my pace because I can no longer deny, Musick and the such has demanded much of me in 2019. With that said, I wanna bring back the Digital Slur program of the IDMf radio golden years.


Well you should invest in a pair of leggings and post pics because that is your life now.



I didn’t anticipate it but my ankles feel exposed when I wear them hahaha. I need lwg warmers!