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Long Johns or wear a onesy underneath



I love you _ms


All over the long johns…I don’t wear the shirts, but you better believe if it is below 30ish F I’m wearing long johns…wool socks…boots…a t shirt under a wool flannel or sweater…I have a Yak wool blanket scarf that I take everywhere with me in winter…I used to be a furnace, but am a total freeze baby these days.

I’m also cutting the feet off some older wool socks and having my girl stitch them so they won’t come undone–ankle warmers!





my fucking sides are in orbit XD


Hauutdog the schwalter mehherrrrrmeehhurrrrr.


Snickers have a dick vein


And now they come with nuts inside too


Weird series of events

Get home, internet is down
“Gay let me plug in shit and fiddle with cables and the router”
Still down, check Xfinity “service outage”
Ok I guess ill take a shit
Having a dehydrated coffee deuce
Nose starts bleeding everywhere
Tissues full of blood in my face then ass

Good times

That happens to everyone right?

Edit, apparently “>” puts shit in quotes

I quoted myself

The plot thickens


A metaphor for the human condition


hahahaha lmfao :joy:


That bit about the coffee reminded me of this morning at work. I don’t drink coffee, or rarely do, but man I walked into the break room today and the coffee smelled like total butt. I had to exeunt immediately. We need like a Starbucks man. I say that in jest but they have a goddamned Starbucks where my wife works and it’s just a big office building, not like a retail place or anything…well, EA has an office in that building so that’s probably how that happened…fekkin BIG BOY PANTS TRIPLE AAA GAME PUBLISHER


EA + starcucks coffee sounds like a visceral deuce for the ages


I like their tea ok but other than that I would never go there tbh. And who needs to buy tea, really? Just make that shit.


I won’t get regular coffee at Starbucks, it tastes burnt to me. I’d rather have Dunkin Doughnuts or McDonald’s (for some reason love their coffee).


I used to work two floors above square enix, can confirm AAA publishers drag food into a building. Or maybe it was just El Segundo…


McD coffee is pretty good. I just hate their creamer machines because “1 creamer” usually ends up being like 2-3x what I’m used to lol, so you end up with a super white coffee. I’ll usually just do a medium, 1 cream, 2 sugar, and that’s good for me.

Speaking of coffee, I just recently got a new coffee maker! My last one, which was here in the apartment when I moved in, was gradually sorta freaking out and finally it just stopped brewing. It was doing weird things like beeping that the pot was finished right after starting it, but then one day, it switched on, and just didn’t brew anything. It still turned on, but just, yeah, wouldn’t actually start making anything. A very fancy clock, perhaps.

Got a new one, and I’ve liked it. Now I might stop plundering my roommate’s keurig cups lol

EDIT: Also, one more random thought. I was in Denver about a month ago after staying the night at a friend’s house, and in the morning I woke up and no one was around so I went out to the nearest coffee shop to buy some coffee. I was some sort of fancy shmancy coffee shop I guess, but I went in anyway and got a cup of coffee but definitely paid like $3 something for a little 12 oz cup of coffee (that was their only size). I was tired and I needed coffee tho, so screw it. It was good coffee tho.

Final thought: I’m debating how to watch Mother! out in my living room, as I own a copy but it’s on itunes, and my laptop has Linux on it, and I don’t have a long enough hdmi to reach the TV, cuz I want to watch Kristiin Wig shoot some people’s heads off.

Final final thought: I beat RDR2 and the (near) ending was brutal.


Glad I’m not the only one, I got their house coffee ONCE,… it was literally battery acid sludge. I think that’s just how it always is brewed, so people can add a “shot” of that toxic shit to their ice cream shake-accinno or whatever the hell and still make it taste somewhat like coffee.

congrats! keurig machines aren’t my favorite, I’ve had a couple of them break over the years and even though the brew is consistent, sometimes it’s nice to brew an extra strong batch with a regular machine.


For me those once extra strong batches start becoming the daily norm. It’s a slippery slope.